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Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: Luke 5:36-39 (NKJV)

For the new month, we begin a new series titled reinvention.  Change will always happen in our world. For us to move from where we were as a church to where we are going, there has to be change. Change happens constantly. Human nature does not like change.

When change happens, don’t try to force the new into the old. Our world is changing right now. New wine means new opportunities, new vision, new resources and new dreams. God has no problems giving us new directions and instructions, but the problem is the container.

We are in a season of change and this necessitates the need to share strategies for evolving.

Why do we resist change?

1. We are creatures of habit and we love routine because they give us stability and predictability. Change however brings instability and insecurity, this, we are not willing to take on

Seasons change, stop running into the wall while trying to open doors God has closed

2. We fear loss of control or influence.

3. We know that with change, we will have to deal with new sets of problems.

4. We will have to learn new sets of skills to solve new problems

5.We resist change because we do not recognize the benefits inherent in the change.

It’s our responsibility to find inherent benefits in change. We need flexibility to manage a change process, to go through the reinvention and evolution process. The flexibility comes from within and helps us see with new eyes and see new opportunities.

For us to see with new eyes, we’ve got to become brand new people. It’s time to evolve. (Rom 12:2). The pandemic has not come to bring you down but to lift you up. (2Corinthians 5:17. This is your season of reinvention into a new dimension.

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