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Rest and Your Health (1)

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Genesis 2:1-3.

Rest was an integral part of the beautiful creation story. God worked for six days and on the seventh day he rested. The story of creation has the foundational principles that influences  how our world runs. So rest is a foundational principle. 

So we ask a question “did God need rest?” Did he need to create the world in 6 days? He structured it that way because of the nature of the planet He was creating.  He created the principles first and with the principles created our world so our world is governed by those principles. 
God created time even though He does not live in time in order to govern this planet. God created the earth-suit that will make it convenient for him to live on this planet. What God rested on the seventh day was the creation of another principle; The Principle of Rest. God did not need rest or sleep. Psalm 121:4. 

We are designed to slumber and sleep. When God gave Moses the ten commandments, one of the commandments was the law of the Sabbath. Under the law of Moses The breaking of the law of the Sabbath was tantamount to being stoned to death. Gracefully for those that are alive now God has fulfilled the demands of the law including the law of the Sabbath. Col. 2:16-17. All of those that way difficult to keep in the old covenant, Christ fulfilled all of them for us. This means that we are not bound to obey the laws but it’s in our interest to obey the principles behind those laws. So before the law the principle of rest was fair so it is good for us to still observe these principles even now. 
When Christ was here physically, He took time to rest. If Jesus had not slept when he was physically here,  people would have found something to brag about. It would have been a sign of spiritual sophistication and maturity. 

In Mark 6, Jesus sent His disciples out to go pray for people and heal the sick. By the time they came back, they had discovered the power in adding value to people. Because they had discovered the value they were adding, they became busy. In Mark 6:30-31 Jesus’ response to His disciples was for them to rest. If you refuse to rest, you have become wiser than Jesus. 

You can overdo God’s work. It’s easy to get carried away and convince yourself that you’re solving problems for people.  Jesus knew that if these guys continued at this rate they will break down. If you don’t choose to rest, you will be forced to rest. It’s better for you to choose to rest than to be forced to rest. Sometimes there’s a difference between loving God and loving the work of God. You can overdo God’s work and it won’t be God’s fault when we break down. 

Why don’t we take breaks?

It was not part of our upbringing for some of us. It’s a cultural issue. There are several things that influences our culture and values  the prevailing idea is prosperity and wealth creation. Sometimes, people work without taking a break. We do not want to seem lazy to other people. Rest is an integral part of the foundational principles that drive human existence. Our resources are not inexhaustible and we are not God. 

Resting allows our Spirit to be recharged. Tiredness leaves us spiritually ineffective. You’re more effective when you’re sensitive to your body. When you are depleting your resources take time to recharge. 

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