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Rest and your Health (2)

Genesis 2:1-3

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Last week we said that rest is an integral part of The Creation process. The basics or the foundation of creation was done over six days. it took time and God didn’t really needs to take all that time to create the planet.  He could have done it in five minutes but it took days! He created principles to govern the planet and we see those foundational principles right there in the story of Creation. He was teaching us the law of process. Time is one of the additional principles that was created to govern our planet. 

We find it remarkable that the principle of rest was introduced by then in the story of creation. It says that God worked for six days and then rested on the 7th day and God blessed it and made it holy. The God who created the human system designed for the human system to be rested. In God’s programme of restoration for our world, rest is an integral part of it. Hebrews 4:3-4. 
Satan’s trick is to make us build our self-worth on our accomplishment. He played this trick on the first Adam and on the last Adam. That is why we don’t want to stop working because we measure our self-worth, our values, self-image and self-esteem on our accomplishments. It was never designed to be like that. 

What defines who we are? It is what God says to us. In Gen. 1:27 we say that God blessed them before He gave them work to do. It was not after they worked that they became blessed.  They were blessed and the work was an opportunity to express the blessing in the material world. Once we shift our sense of value and our sense of self-worth and build it on material accomplishments, it becomes a big problem. So we say about the first Adam that since they were the last of God’s creation, there is a possibility that they were created at the end of the sixth day. And their own first full day was on the day of rest. God worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th. Adam and Eve did not. Their own first full day was the day of rest. 1st Cor. 15:10. The definition of my identity is a gift from God. It is not by my own accomplishments. I’m going to just accept that I’m who God says I am. 

So what are you trying to prove that is pushing you so hard that you don’t find time to rest? You are blessed already. Work is just going to express who you are. The labour came after the blessing. Hebrews 4:9-11. The labour is the labour of hearing from God. That’s how you go into the rest. The truest thing you’d ever hear about yourself on this planet will not be what they called you or the awards that you won or even the titles you are called in the office. It will be who God says you are. 

Why do we feel guilty for taking a break?  When you are blessed your work will be meaningful and it will be productive. 
Why do we need rest? 

Last week we said that rest allows the Human Spirit which is the most important part of man to recharge.
2. Rest allows the body to rebuild. The human body is a miracle. It is created with the capacity to regenerate. When we rest, we give the muscles, the nerves, the connective tissues and the bones in the body to regenerate and rebuild. This helps the body increase its capacity to rebuild it immune system. When we rest, the immune system is boosted and its capacity to fight sicknesses and diseases is enhanced. The body is designed to let you know when it needs rest. You may feel tired or sleepy and that’s how you know that your body needs rest. You can not over-use the body for a consistent period of time it is going to break down. 

Rest is not only about long vacations. In every 24 hours,  you have day and you have night. It’s first a daily thing before it becomes a weekly thing, then a monthly thing and an annual thing. Rest allows the Human body to recuperate.

3. Rest allows the human soul to recuperate. Your mind needs time to rebuild its strength. Your emotions needs time to be refueled. The human will needs time to be strengthened. Take a break. Taking a break prevent the human soul from burnout. We can run out of mental resources. We can run out of emotional resources. When you are burnt out, you run out of peace, you run out of joy and even run out of hope. Taking a break prevents us from being taken over by anxiety, depression and losing hope totally to the point of contemplating suicide. Numbers 11:10-17.
One of the signs that you’re stressed is that you become cranky. Moses became cranky and aggravated. Stop being cranky, get some rest. The solution is not far away from us if we will take time to rest. It is God that does not sleep, you are designed to sleep.

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