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The Service and Greatness Connection

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Mark 10:42-45 (NIV)

God gave Joseph a dream and he saw that he was destined for greatness but it took time for him to know that it is one thing for God to show you the destination of your life and it is another thing altogether to find the road that will take you to that destination. When the road showed up for Joseph it wasn’t funny. He was sold by his brothers as a slave to a foreign country; a military officer named Potiphar bought him at the slave market and then something went wrong because Potiphar’s wife was interested in him and he found himself in prison. If Joseph was asked to design the route from his father’s house to the palace, it will not go through Potiphar’s house; neither will it go through the prison. However, we are not the ones that design the road. The beautiful thing about Joseph is that when things turned out the way they did; he realized; if this is what God allowed to happen to me and this is where I find myself then, this must be the road to the palace; and the only opportunity being presented to me right now is the opportunity to serve; and if it is serving then I better do it to the best of my ability.

Some people don’t realize that God is present even in a bad place; the potential for light is present even in darkness. This is what makes Joseph’s story to standout; that in the midst of everything his focus was on God and ultimately he confessed that though his brothers sold him it was God that sent him. Currently, there are loads of people that are underestimating their opportunities; they can’t recognize and see God even in the midst of their circumstances because the situation is too bad. Listen, who told you that God runs away from bad places? That’s where we need Him the most and He is there.

Joseph recognized God and the only opportunity presented him was to serve in Potiphar’s house and he did it. Then he found himself in prison. He knew he was crafted for the palace hence, he took his palace anointing and unleashed it to serve in prison and it is one of the men he served in prison by interpreting the man’s dream that ultimately introduced him to the king in the palace two years later.

There’s a powerful connection between service and greatness; you may have received great dreams of your future outcome but the connection between where you are and the future of your dreams is service. Jesus said in Mark 10 that whoever wants to be great must be your servant; emphasis is on the word ‘must’. In God’s system, there’s no other route. If you see God lifting anyone, then check the person’s story. The most attractive part of the story for us is usually when the turnaround or change happens; we like the God of the sudden but before Joseph was suddenly invited to the palace, there was a period; a period of service. Interestingly, the God of the suddenly is also the God of a few years of service before the suddenly happens.

Just after David was anointed to become king in 1 Samuel 16:13, he got an invitation to the palace; wouldn’t his assumption be that he was invited to the palace be the crowned prince? However, he was invited to serve and not to rule. When the anointing for greatness comes upon your life, the first thing it will do is to anoint you for service. A vision will always be a picture of the endpoint but people don’t want process but the God of the bible is a God of the process. Even creation was deliberately done procedurally by God to give us a template; our planet is created to operate with time because it works on the law of process.

To serve is to help or to carry out a task for someone. It is to meet a need or to solve a problem, and Jesus says this is the connection to greatness. Serving God is the key to greatness in God’s kingdom. Out in the world system, your greatness is measured by the number of people serving you; in God’s system, your greatness is measured by the number of people you are serving. There’s something about service that attracts supernatural help; Hebrews 13:2. We need to get committed to serving with excellence; giving our utmost best in service. Know that serving man is serving God. God deserves our best, He will change the rest.

As we switch-on to the frequency of service, someone’s story will change.

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