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Daniel 6:1-3 (MSG)


Excellence increases your capacity for influence thereby enhancing your capacity for leadership. Doing your work with excellence will change your status and rank; it will change the calibre of people you’ll have the opportunity to serve; (Proverbs 22:29). From Daniel’s story in our scriptural text, our relationship with God should influence the quality of our character and the level of our competence.

A lot of the time, our behaviour if described from an engineering standpoint has a substructure rooted in culture and when we want to solve problems, we hardly pay attention to it because it is not obvious or visible. Sometimes in our bid to experience change in our lives, we only deal with the superstructure; the obvious part and not the substructure; such change is not sustainable. When dealing with the issue of excellence, it has to be addressed from the level of the substructure.

Israel as part of our illustration had the generation that left Egypt being born into slavery. This had tremendous impact on them as they moved through the wilderness to the extent that Moses had to teach them the basic laws of hygiene and how to value cleanliness. Conversely, we need to see people from the bible that experienced slavery and had monumental barriers but still scaled the limitations and barriers and excelled in their generation so we can learn how to deal with the peculiar challenges we face today. Numbers 14:24 (NIV) captures God commending Caleb; even though he was raised in slavery and in the slums like everyone else but he had a different spirit. Hence, we don’t have to give in to the culture; Romans 12:2. If God is part of our thinking, then it shouldn’t cross our minds that God and we together can be defeated. Israel took God out of their equation and similarly today, a sizable number of Christians don’t factor in their identity in Christ and His finished work on the cross. Christians run around trying to deal with ancestral curses without pausing to ask which ancestry their referring to. In Christ we have no ancestral curses but we rather have ancestral blessings. Genesis 41:38-40 has the testimony of Pharaoh regarding Joseph having God’s Spirit in him. These are proof that being raised in mediocrity is not a good enough reason to subscribe to mediocrity especially when we have the Holy Spirit in our lives. May the Spirit of God put you in God’s class experientially! You cannot keep down a man who is influenced by the Holy Spirit in his thinking. Daniel 5:13-14 (MSG) also captures the testimony about Daniel. The Christians capacity for excellence is enhanced radically by the Holy Spirit. Issues that no one is able to resolve will be resolved through you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

The Holy Spirit helps us to excel in the two basic qualities required for leadership; character and competence; Psalm 78:72. However, the results of the Holy Spirit in our lives will always be the product of an agreement between divinity and humanity. The power of our choice must be exerted; you live in a corrupt environment it is your choice that will determine the extent to which the Holy Spirit will intervene in your life. Anytime we compromise with the system we’ve signed a contract with mediocrity and with that, God is not under obligation to intervene. When we have humans like Daniel who have chosen not to use their human minds to resolve the problem, the Holy Spirit supplies the wisdom to resolve the issue. Whatever we compromise to get we will lose; Jesus said whoever tries to keep his life will lose it and anyone gives his for Christ’s sake will find it. What you lose for God is not what you find after, it is more. What God doesn’t give us then we don’t need it because He has promised to supply all our needs. With the Holy Spirit on your side, your promotion is unstoppable. He’ll fill you with ideas.

Finally, love should be our motivation to celebrate our value for God and human life. Have value for human life believing that people deserve the best and see divine ideas flow through you.

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