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Sharing The Goodnews (2)

Pastor Kenny Folarin

2 Cor. 5:13-15

The most beautiful thing we can ever experience in our life is to see a Human being have an encounter with Jesus Christ, to break free from the control of sin and Satan and to experience total transformation in their lives. As believers our greatest influence would be the influence that you’d have on other people, bringing them to God and bringing them into the Kingdom of God. Nothing can be compared to God using you to snatch somebody out of hell and into the Kingdom of light. This is why our focus this month is for us to share the good news of the death and resurrection of Christ, His provision for forgiveness and freedom from sin. God had put this responsibility on everyone of us as Christians. He saves us so we can go about doing this primary assignment.

In Rom 10:14 we see that the Church; You and I are the preachers. People cannot believe in Christ, the ultimate saviour and be delivered from the nature and lifestyle of sin when they have not heard of God’s love that took Jesus to the cross to pay for their sins. They cannot be delivered from the lifestyle and nature of sin and the devil when someone did not speak to them about the price that Jesus paid on the cross. 

We should be reminded that the gospel of Jesus Christ is good news. What better news is there to share than the news that Jesus died for sinners and paid the price with His precious blood. There are all kinds of bad news today that has become the norm and the order of the day. The good news that the one and only Son of God died and by His death, we have access to the presence of God the Father in heaven. We must share this good news for people to understand it, receive it and make their lives change. 

Our greatest duty is to love God and love our neighbors. Helping them to get over the sin barrier is a manifestation of our love. You love them by sharing with them the love of Christ. In 1st Timothy 1:15 we are told that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. People need to hear this. The scriptures says in Romans 3:23-24 that all have sinned. Sin is the root of mankind’s problem. The only authentic solution to sin is Jesus Christ. Everyone needs to hear of this solution. People need to accept the solution which is Jesus Christ. In John 4:35, we see that people are eagerly waiting and we can’t afford to waste time any longer. They can only hear of this good news when there are people to share it.
For our sharing of the good news to be effective, here are a few tips

1. Pray for Prospects regularly. We see in John 6:4 that the process of sharing the good news is spiritual warfare. It is not a joke to draw someone out of the hand of the devil. It takes the help and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. This is why we must pray. When people don’t accept the good news, it’s because the devil has blinded their eyes. We need to pray that the veil in their hearts be removed. Jesus comes into a life and becomes the gift with a lift. When He comes into a life, He transforms the life. Accepting forgiveness is not an easy thing. People need to be convicted before they’re converted. It is the Holy Spirit that convicts. The Holy Spirit is the invisible power that does the internal job of changing people from the inside out. 

Secondly We need to pray to ask the Holy Spirit to help us recognise opportunities for sharing the good news. In Colossians 4:2-4 we see that it is the Holy Spirit to creates the best circumstances required for the transformation of each person. He is the one that knows about each person. Praying like this helps to identify the needs of people in the society, neighborhood and workplace. 

2. Share our personal stories and the impact of our salvation. See Acts 1:8. If you love someone and you want them to experience what you’re experiencing, tell someone about it. Share your story with a sense of urgency. In sharing the good news, the strongestand most powerful thing you can share is your own experience. You need to share the story of what your life was like before coming to Christ. A saves soul loves for ever. 
There is no achievement that can be equted to the acquisition of a soul. The highest opportunity we could ever get is the opportunity to touch another life.

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