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Pastor Nike Adeyemi

Acts 10:9-15

In Gen 1:3 when He said “let there be light”, I believe He had you and I in mind. He created somethings but He didn’t create everything because He knew you were still coming and you were going to shine bright in the earth. Shining is a process. Today’s message is for everyone. You will shine through obedience. About five years ago, God led Pastor and me into international ministry. God dealt with my heart and He said “Don’t call cowardly what I have called courageous”.

Today, we should obey God and not be overly concerned with the opinions of men. If you don’t obey Him, there will be consequences and if you obey Him, there will be reward. If you’re going through tough times, though, it doesn’t mean that you are disobedient. There are seasons of testing and growth. The important thing is to maintain your relationship with God and to ensure you are hearing Him and following His leading and direction.

Proverbs 29:25 says being afraid of people’s opinion disables you. Sometimes what we need for the healing from the disablement is obedience. Jesus came to us through obedience to what God had lined up for Him. It was important that He did not abandon the assignment. His complete obedience is what has brought us here today. Jesus, even though He was love, had to send out people who were buying and selling in the temple because love can be tough at times.

Peter was hungry on a certain day and while waiting for food he fell into a trance. He knew that the animal that were lowered before him were unclean animals. In Acts 10:14, he said he had never eaten like that. See, there is always a first time. God will not lead you astray. You are not to live life on your terms. Don’t argue with God when He asks you to do something. Sometimes as women we see things afar and we are expected to act. We have to be careful of legalism so we can obey God when He tells us to do something out of the ordinary.

Your life is in progress, obey the last word till He says the next. He is always speak, as Him what He is saying now. Otherwise, you may be running on the old syllabus when He has turned a new page. Today we are delivered from the fear of men. Listen to God’s word, read books, listen to mentors but always stick with the word of God. The destiny of a whole household was hanging on Peter’s obedience. God depended on Him not to scuttle it. Sometimes you struggle with your grace and gifting.

In Matt 11:1-12, Jesus had finished commending the disciples, John heard and sent his disciples to ask Jesus “Are you the messiah or should we expect another?” He probably was offended in what Jesus was doing. He must have heard reports. Don’t let what people think form your reactions towards issues. You should stand out and do what is right. It might be a season of tough love, but you have to do it. Rather look for the validation of God than that of men.

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