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Start Where You Are

Text: Gen 1:1

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Use your God-given power to initiate. God started with a less-than-ideal situation. The condition was not perfect but He started all the same. Don’t wait for a perfect condition, take action so the condition can be perfect.

This is a call for you to initiate your dominion power. Things don’t move until force is applied; apply force. Execution is the name of the game, it is the big deal. James 1:22.

All your prayers and fasting goes to waste if you don’t take action.

Reasons people don’t take action

  1. Laziness. To overcome laziness, ask the Holy Spirit to help and motivate you. He helps us with the drive and will to-do. Read a chapter of proverbs daily.

To some people, hard work means physical labor but mental work is the real hard and rewarding work.
People that think, innovate and process get a lot more value for the work they do.

  1. Fear of failure and criticism; this stops people from starting small but if you don’t start small, how do you make it big? Zachariah 4:10

God celebrates people who start even if they start small. People will rejoice with you when your results begin to show.

Throw heaven into a party mode by taking action.

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