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Start With What You Have

Timilehin Mogaji

Text: 2 Kings 4: 1-7

You can be spirit filled and be physically broke.

Change is imminent but we can decide how we respond to a season of change.

What do you do in the season of change?

✔Go for revelation. Revelation is the solution to negativity. When revelation is introduced, resources flow.

✔Identify what you have: God will not allow things degenerate to a point where He has nothing with which He’ll move you to your next level of breakthrough. What you have may not be enough but it still contains potential for what you want.

✔Discover your pot of oil. 2Kings 4:2.

Opportunities elude us because we look too far. When you focus only on other people’s potential and success, you underestimate your own potential.

✔Discover empty vessels. 2Kings 4:3. There are people waiting for you who need what you have. Dream big and allow great things happen through you.

✔Do business: The strategic value of God’s blessing is higher in production than consumption. The ultimate purpose of God’s blessing is production, not consumption.

Sell something, trade for profit and God will lay His hands upon it.

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