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Staying Power (3)

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Hebrews 6:12
It is Faith and Patience. As a Christian, we have explored the subject of Faith. We have defined it, we have explained it, we have explored it. That’s, however, only one leg of the table. There’s another leg….Patience. We have not emphasized it as much and that’s why a lot of people are being discouraged. We have not explained that it is a process. 
The moment God says something, it is created and becomes a spiritual reality but to move it from the spiritual reality to the physical one is a process. First, the realm in which it is created is a timeless dimension. God lives in timelessness. In that dimension, the beginning and the end are the same as the Bible says a thousand years are like one year and one year are like a thousand years. So, when it comes to translating spiritual realities into the physical, somethings happen instantly while some take a day, a week, a year, ten years or not even in your lifetime. When you don’t have stying power, there’s no way you can see the fulfilment of God’s promises in your life. 
People usually think that Patience is a passive word and it means for you to stay doing nothing until something happens. It is not so. Patience has been illustrated as sitting on a chair and even when the chair is pulled out, you maintain the same position. It’s not easy and you have to exert energy. So, endurance requires exertion. So even though it’s staying, it requires power. 
Patience is fruit of maturity. It is babies that expect to plant a fruit and harvest the next day. The more mature you become, the more you realize that anything meaningful takes time. You understand the law of process and you respect it. If you’re not patient, you may end up a patient. You pluck a fruit before it is ripe, you eat it and you have stomach ache. This is forcing things to happen before their time.
It is impatience that makes us to worry. There are many factors that are building up to make tomorrow, tomorrow and  you’re looking at only one. When you get to tomorrow, you’d see the other factors that God has been working on and He will pull them together to make tomorrow. So worry is a waste of time. There’s nothing you can do today to make God do what He has planned to do tomorrow, today.  
To develop endurance continued;
3. Strengthen your confidence. You can’t afford to harbour self doubt or you’d cave in from the inside. One of the most effective tools Satan uses to demobilise Christians is sin. As a Christian, your record was wiped clean when you accepted Jesus Christ as seen in Romans 8:1. 
4. Focus on your ultimate goal. Hebrews 12:2 shows that when you focus on the ultimate goal, then you will win over distractions. Avoid distractions. If you focus on the hardship and the pain, you take your eyes off the goal. Avoid naysayers. All Satan wants to do is to get your attention off what God has shown you. 
5. Be part of a loving and supporting community. Eccl. 4:9-10. Isolation is dangerous on this journey. Don’t run away from Church when you’re facing challenges. Hebrews 10:23-25. We’re not designed for isolation, we’re designed for connection.

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