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By Sam Adeyemi


Text: 1 Corinthians 4: 1-2

A steward is someone who manages another’s property or financial affairs. Stewardship is one of the most important subjects in the Bible. Jesus Christ Illustrated stewardship over and over again. Jesus used stewardship most of the time to illustrate what would happen when talking about life after death. He expressed the fact that stewardship will be the major factor considered for everyone. Our success will be measured to a large extent based on how well we served as stewards (Matthew 25).

The first lesson in stewardship has to do with ownership. A steward must never be confused on the issue of ownership. God owns everything (Genesis 1:1). The earth is not man’s property but we were put here as caretakers. The earth is the Lord’s and all it’s fullness; the world and all the people in it (Psalm 24 :1).

The desire to own things outside the acceptance of God’s ownership and the refusal to accept the fact that we’re only stewards does not allow us approach the resources placed at our disposal with the right sense of responsibility that we should. Some of us hold on to things that God has provided for us to just touch and move on but once we bring in the issue of our ownership; we bring permanence into the equation and that’s possibly why this attitude keeps some stagnant; and unable to move to greater success.

We need to be sure where certain things are within the context of God’s plans and purposes for us. The desire to own things creates a lot of problems for us because it changes the dynamics of stewardship and our relationship with the resources that God gives us, blinding us to the fact that we’re just caretakers (Luke 12). Sometimes we fall into the temptation of owning our spouses, children and even ourselves whereas we actually own nothing. To what extent would we be able to exercise ownership over our spouses, our children, our property and even ourselves? We should establish the fact that we own nothing even up to our own bodies and we are only stewards or caretakers (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). If God should take our lives, have we considered who will own those things we claim to be ours?

We should work in line with God’s plan of stewardship. It is our responsibility to work as stewards and when we claim our duties as caretakers and handles things God has placed under our care the right way they ought to be handled, treat people the right way they ought to treated and even see ourselves as vessels owned by God then everything would be made easy by God’s help.

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