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Teaching Children to Love

Proverb 31: 1 -9

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Our children give God some of the greatest opportunities to answer our prayers. When a Nation prays for change, God gives such a Nation babies. When Israel prayed for deliverance, God gave them Moses. When babies are born, the future is wired inside them. When we see babies, we know there is a future.

We have very important roles to play in preparing our world for good. One of the most important things to do as parents is to develop in our children the capacity to love God and people. We must be deliberate about training our children. Every child is born with the sin nature. The nature of sin is not taught but springs up as soon as a child is born. As parents should not undermine the tendencies of children developing hatred as young as they are. We must be deliberate in teaching them to emulate Christ in loving God and people. The Proverb 31 woman portrays an ideal wife, perfect woman and amazing mother. But reading it again, we could see another woman preparing her children for leadership and success.

How to teach the children to love

  1. Teach them to love God and people.

We should teach our children to give others the benefit of the doubt. We need to groom our children in such a way that the assumptions they make about other people are positive. We should help our children avoiding running into wrong assumptions and negative conclusions. When your basic assumptions about other people are negative, you will find it very difficult to love.

In Matt 7: 1, Christ encouraged us not to judge others. When you are negative about others, you will find yourself pre judging others. We call pre judging prejudice.  We should ensure our children are delivered from such negative and ungodly act. 1 Corinthians 13: 7 clearly shows that love doesn’t give up on a person. Love keeps hoping despite some mistakes. Even Christ on the cross was showing love to the people that killed him. Christ’s fate in the possibility of his killers’ redemption was not extinguished. Jesus prayed for them believing in their redemption. If we will ever going to help our kids, we can’t afford to be gossiping about other people at home.  It is ungodly.

The ethnic and religious prejudices prevalent in our country create major challenge to us as a people in Nigeria. Our Nation will move forward after we resolve those prejudices. Progress has been impeded based on these prejudices.  We should teach our children to live above these prejudices.

  1. Teach them to give.

Every human being is born with selfishness. As parents, we must be deliberate in teaching our children to give and be selfless.

  1. Teach them to forgive. As they relate with each other, there is the possibility to hurt each other. They must forgive quickly.
  2. Discipline the children in love. Proverb 29: 15. Give them freedom but with boundaries. When freedom has no boundaries, it produces bondage.
  3. Pray for them. We can’t be with the children everywhere but God does. So talk to God on their behalf.
  4. Lead them to Christ as soon as they get to the age of reasoning. Lead them to receive forgiveness from sin and its natures.

Ways to teach the children in Love:

  1. Talk to them. Keep the communication lines open between you and your children.
  2. Model what you what them to produce. We should live as examples for our children. No better way to teach the children than living in love.

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