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The Covenant (2)

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: Psalms 89:34-37

God introduced us to His covenant to assure us that He can never fail.

✔When you enter into a covenant with God, be assured that He will keep His part Hebrews 6:16-20.

✔Why be in a covenant with God if you don’t trust His integrity? Hebrews 11:6.

✔God swore by Himself to assure us that He would keep His promises. Psalms 89:1-2

✔If you will be in covenant with God, you must believe that He does not lie. Jeremiah 33:20-21

✔Trust God enough to know He cannot lie. Whatever He has said, He will surely do.

✔As long as the sun exists, God will surely fulfill His promises in your life

✔The guarantee of God’s covenant is the sun.

  • Don’t waver, don’t give up, pray and wait on the promises of God.

Prayer – God has the final say in your life. His promises are surely coming to pass in your life in Jesus name

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