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The Covenant 4

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: Psalms 89:34-37

God chose to structure the relationship as a covenant to give us assurance and confidence that it is an agreement that cannot be broken, that is why it is a blood covenant. Galatians 2:20.

Christians believe in baptism by immersion because it is a demonstration of a burial and resurrection. We identify with the death and resurrection of Christ. 2corinthians 5:17, 1John 5: 4&5.

Whatever is born of God overcomes the world. Your status automatically changes when you and God become one.

How do you become one with God?

Through the new birth experience. It is based on the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.  As a human being, you are born with the nature of sin and the wages of sin is death, both physical and eternal.

Once you ask God for forgiveness based on the sacrifice of Christ, God forgives you immediately and the Spirit of God changes your nature.

The battle of identity may be the battle the devil fights with you the most because he knows once you believe you have the nature of God and it drives you, you are free from him. 1John 4:4.

We are victorious already because God says we are. Once the devil can get you to believe you are less than what you are, he has gotten you.

How a contract works depends on the integrity of the partners in the covenant.

– Will you keep your part of the covenant? Genesis 22:1-3

– When God runs the test, will you pass?

– Will you have the integrity to keep your part even if it’s costly.

Many people are God users, they are stingy with God. They are only in the relationship for what they will get and not willing to do their part. Genesis 22:13&14.

When you make a dangerous commitment to obey God, to keep your part of the covenant, God will prove Himself true in your life.

When you can stand for God and His values in the middle of perverse generation, even if it’s not popular, He will prove Himself true in your life.

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