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The Covenant of Health (2)

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: Exodus 25:25 – 26

One of the most confounding statements that Jesus made can be found in John 10:30. Oneness in God can change one’s nature, it changes our thinking, it changes everything. The consciousness of our oneness with God’s birth faith. Oneness with God breaks through all barriers.

When Israel became one with God, their chains of slavery were broken. They became free from everything holding them back. In God’s system, there is health provision. When you are one with God, you enjoy God’s health system, the provision is not just for healing, it is for health. The primary thing God wants us to have in the first place is health.

God’s provision for health is tied to adapting and living by God’s values. When you come to God’s system, you adopt God’s values. When you become a part of God’s system, what God prioritizes becomes what you prioritize. 

The way we treat one another affects our health. When you become a part of God’s system, you understand this. What you do to man, you have done to God. Do you want to live a quality life? If you do, keep your tongue from speaking evil. Forgiveness is a big issue in God’s system Mathew 6:10-12. Our relationship with God is not going to work except our relationship with other people work.

We pray that You heal our body today, we receive the power that makes our body whole.

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