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The Covenant of Health (3)

Pastor Boye Oloyede

Text: Exodus 15:25 – 26

Our environment impacts our well-being. What you do with the environment you have now is what you will do when you are richer. What you do with your environment does not have anything to do with money, it has to do with your values. One of the responsibilities we have is to make our environment clean. Deut 23:12-14

Personal and environmental neatness would be one of the characteristics of God’s people. In your little way, create the atmosphere around you to reflect God. The state of our physical environment has an impact on our spiritual life. By all means, we must make our environment clean. When God’s people practise God’s values, they enjoy heaven on earth.

Your body was given to you by God, He bought you at a high price. Rom 12:1 You need to honor God’s will with your body, and as a good steward, you must be careful of what goes into your body and how you treat your body. Some of you are tempting the Lord your God with the way you treat your body, the things you consume. With your body, you must have the mindset of a steward. 1 Cori 4:2

We must practice the basics of personal & environmental hygiene.

1. Brush your teeth

2. Wash your hands

3. Trim your nails

4. Clean your space and environment

God values decency and organization 1 Cori 14: 40, 7:1, Having a clean environment is one of the ways we love our neighbors.

The benefit of good sanitation

1. Reduces chances of diseases

2. Improves self-esteem and confidence

3. It improves socio-acceptance

4. It increases productivity by increasing time and focus.

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