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The Covenant of Health (4)

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: Exodus 15:25-26 (NLT)

God who designed the body designed the body with immunity. What God designed was for us to reduce physical body stress and mental stress to recuperate. Refusing to rest is a lack of demonstration of trust in God.

When it comes to rest, learn to take a break. It could be once a week, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Sleep also improves the quality of our work and improves our productivity. Sleep improves our mood, take a nap and take a break.

Don’t lose your health and gain money. Resting means we love our health, it is a way of good living, it is proof that we value our lives. Sleeping is a vital part of rest; God gives the ones He loves good sleep. 

Maintaining safety in our environment is proof of our love. Love for God and fellow humans.

In Jesus’ name, the blood of the covenant and Passover speaks for you. Angels go to work on your behalf. We prophesy safety for you.

If you have mental fatigue, trace the cause and slow down on it, it’s likely mental stress, take a break, and get nurtured back to health. You may need to see a health professional at some points, please do so.

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