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The Great Commission

Pastor Kenny Folarin

Matthew 28:18-20

This is the charge Jesus gave all of us to go out there and make disciples of all nations and transform lives. The greatest achievement of our lives when we get back to heaven will be the lives that we touched here on earth. Jesus asked that we go there and bring them into the kingdom of light; bringing them to the understanding of God and making them realize the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are charged to teach people and bring them to the understanding of what Christ has done for them. Until people have this information and understanding their lives cannot be changed. Information is the key to transformation; to be informed is to be transformed and to be uninformed is to be deformed. The more informed you are, the better you are; the more you know, the better you become. When someone lacks information on what to do, his life cannot be better than what he is experiencing currently. What you know determines what you believe. Romans 10:14-15. People cannot believe until the knowledge of what to believe is brought to their consciousness. This is our responsibility; God wants us to be the people who will go teach and disciple others and bring them to the understanding of God. People cannot believe in Christ when they haven’t heard of His ultimate work to salvage mankind from sin and bondage. They need to hear and know that Christ paid for their sin with His own precious blood and it is our responsibility to tell them. We have Christ’s matching order to go into the world and preach; Mark 16:15-18 and we’ll have His power backing us.

When we go and preach to others and they get saved, the million dollar question is what next? Most times, we don’t pay attention to the next thing. Not having a clear plan of development of people just saved has made many Christians today very frustrated. They are weak Christians who eventually leave the faith because they are miserable and frustrated not knowing what next to do. And until they get someone to be trusted to guide them, they’ll not go through the next step. Nobody gave their lives to Christ until someone they possibly trusted spoke to them about Christ. After giving their lives to Christ, people want someone they can trust to guide them on what next to do and Jesus has given us that responsibility. Why we have weak Christians; people who give their lives to Christ only to backslide later is because we have carried out the great commission with a great omission. We omitted the vital part of bringing them into the fullness and richness of Christianity.

Getting people to become like Christ in character and in competence is the ultimate objective. Getting them born again isn’t enough. As a matter of fact, our job has just begun after getting them born again. The moment after people give their lives to Jesus, satan goes hard after them and because the devil goes hard after them we should also go hard after them to ensure that they don’t go back to the world or their former lifestyles. Mark 4:15. We have to go hard after them to make them stand strong in faith. Follow through until they become strong believers. We have to become their new friends because association is powerful and proximity is the key to impact. More importantly, we need to get them to participate in our small groups because this is where we get them integrated and hence sharpen their own cutting edge in the things of God. When they are stabilized in the small groups, we can bring them to church.

In Daystar, we have a life development process in place for everyone who gives their life to Christ. It is a life transforming process comparable to a factory where you come in like a raw material at one end going through the process and then you come out like a finished product at the other end. Going through that process transforms a sinner to a minister; a raw material comes out a leadership material because of the richness of the process. We need to take people through this process.  At the other end, they come out ready to be used by God to transform lives and to shape the culture in the society and this is what Daystar is all about; role models, pacesetters, examples, leaders in the society. At the end of the day, others will want to pattern their lives after them. We need to encourage our friends to go through this life-transforming process to help them develop the character of Christ. This is the heartbeat of Daystar. Most of us have gone through this process which is our Membership School where you learn the basics of Christianity; next is Maturity School where we help people deepen their relationship with God; then after is the Ministry School where we help people discover how they are wired for service and finally, the Missions School where you learn practical skills in sharing your faith effectively. Going through all these brings you out as a leadership material and a role model for others. We need to take people through this life-transforming process. Bear in mind that even in the Bible, Barnabas did follow through with Paul the apostle. Only God knows what will become of that Christian God uses you to follow through on.

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