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The Holy Spirit and Marriage

Pastor Kenny Folarin

Text: John 14:15.

The Holy Spirit is a vital force in our Christianity experience. John 14:26.  It is the influence of the Holy Spirit that makes  a Christian marriage.

Marriage is meant to be enjoyed not to be endured. When it comes to the subject of marriage, we have the choice to leverage on our limited human capacity or leverage on the Holy Spirit in our marriage.

You as a person cannot change your partner, let Holy Spirit do it for you. If you are single and believing God for a partner, you need the help of the Holy Spirit. Your ability to hear from God is your greatest asset to having a good marriage.

Every human being is a living magnet, you attract what you are. Roman 8:14 . The critical factor in finding the right person is you becoming the right person first.

When you are believing God for a partner you need to:

– Pray and put it in God’s hands

– Take note of attraction and alignment of values.

– Open your eyes to see the people close to you.

God can use both objective and subjective thoughts to lead you. Isaiah 32:15 God doesn’t position your miracle beyond your reach.

Recognising your spouse goes beyond physical attributes. The Spiritual attributes are very important.

As a single person, do not give in to the pressure of getting married.

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