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The Holy Spirit and Prayers

Pastor Kenny Folarin

Romans 8:26
Prayer is a spiritual exercise and our human ability is incapable of this engagement. God doesn’t have a physical ear but He has the capacity to hear your thoughts and your words because He is a Spirit as seen in John 4:24. Prayer is the interaction of the spirit, soul and body of a man with the Spirit of God. Prayer is spirit communicating with spirit.

This is why we have not put so much emphasis on the activity of prayers. You can do a lot of gymnastics without spiritual connection.
Sometimes you feel like praying and desire to pray but you don’t know how to go about it. This is because the human nature is too weak for prayers. In Matthew 26, Jesus called aside His three disciples to pray and when he came back they were all asleep! Everyone of us must have battled the spirit of slumber during a prayer meeting or a vigil. 
It appears tougher to prayer than to watch a movie or get on social media. To deal with this spirit of slumber, you need the help of the Holy Spirit. 

Pray for the in filling and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. When we pray with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, He helps us beyond the limitation of the human nature as seen in Acts 1, 2 and  Luke 3:21. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate helper. John 14:16. The Holy Spirit helps us with resources and helps our emotions. You can’t pray effectively when you’re sad, bitter, frustrated or filled with unforgiveness and the Holy Spirit helps you deal with these emotions as seen in Isaiah 61:3 

The Holy Spirit helps us to know and see things in the place of prayer. He influences your thinking. Your destiny or future is not something you can unravel with your own mind.  He bypasses our human intelligence and helps us to pray with God’s intelligence. He helps us to pray effectively. He also empowers, energises and invigorates  our physical bodies to pray. 
You cannot pray well without the Holy Spirit. When He prays for you, He touches things on your behalf. Life is spiritual.

There are many things that you don’t know nor understand. The Holy Spirit knows and can pray for you years ahead. In Jude 20, we are told to pray in the Holy Ghost. This calls for us to check our spiritual battery to be sure that it is not running low. It’s important for us to stay hot at all times in the Spirit. Our spiritual life must always be high. When you’re hot and you pray you know you are connecting with the supernatural.  When the Holy Spirit opens your mind, you see things in a new perspective. You pray laser-guided prayers when the Holy Spirit prays with you. 

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