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The Integrity of God’s Word

Text: Joshua 21:45

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Anyone who is walking with God knows that once He gives you matching orders, nothing can stop Him from fulfilling His part.God is giving you new visions and dreams and that’s why it’s important for us to discuss the integrity of His Word. You cannot believe in the God of the Bible and not have great value for information.

If you value information in the physical realm, then you should value revelation which is information in the spiritual realm.Nations and cultures that value information make progress than the ones that don’t.

Education gives us the capacity to be able to conceptualize what God wants to do. It opens people to a world of possibilities. When you cultivate a relationship with God, He is going to shift your thinking. If you don’t value information and revelation, He knows you might not get traction.

Change your value system and give God’s word priority in your life.

✔Value the intangible more than the tangible.

✔Shift your value system.

✔Value information.

✔Value revelation above everything else.

A word spoken is as good as the character of the one that spoke it.God cannot lie, when God gives you a promise, you can build your life on it. Numbers 23:18. Hebrews 6:13-18Some of us know what God has said but may have not centered our lives on His word.Hunger for God’s word, chase Him, fellowship with Him.

Don’t put the news or physical reality on the same pedestal as the word of God. There is uncertainty in our world but the most certain thing is the word of God.

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