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The Power of Vision

Pastor Sam Adeyemi


Genesis 13: 14-15


Vision is the capacity to see. Others define vision as the mental picture of a preferable future. When God says He wants to give us new dreams, He is simply saying He wants to give us the pictures of the future.


Every human being is designed with two sets of eyes – the physical eyes and the inner eyes; which are described as the eyes of our understanding. Vision is critical to our lives. The dreams of today are the realities of tomorrow. In God’s economy, a vision is a revelation. God has given us our imagination and so, we have the capacity to see things that are not yet real in the physical world. The most powerful, life-changing visions that we have on this planet are the ones delivered by God. Vision is critical to our existence; it is the redemptive revelation of God (Proverbs 29:18 AMP, MSG). God used His word to create the world we live in (Hebrews 11:8). Our world was constructed by revelation and it is maintained by revelation (Hebrews 1:3). When a person has access to heaven’s resources and revelation, such a person adds value to people’s lives and becomes a preserver and a saviour of this planet (Psalm 107:20). Vision has the capacity to take us beyond the limitation we experience in our thinking.

In the Bible, Joseph was harassed daily by his brothers but he broke through the limitations by the power of vision. The harsher life became for Joseph, the bigger the dreams he had. It is important that we respond to adversity with the correct mindset (Genesis 39). When your physical reality is not aligning with what you desire, you have the power to imagine and bring into existence a desired reality. If you yield your imagination to God, He can change your life by giving you a new vision and dream. For example, while Abraham was focusing on getting one child, God gave him a vision of descendants as many as the stars in the sky (Genesis 15: 2-6). Vision is the basis for progress in our world. No one makes progress without first of all imagining it. The dream God gave Joseph was not just for him, it was for the salvation of his family (Genesis 45). Daystar Christian Centre is a product of a redemptive revelation from God. In order for our world to make progress in any field of study, sector or industry, some people will need to capture, in their imagination, what the new or future reality will be. Parts of the world that are developing slowly have a vision problem; they are usually focused on the past.

The best time to shape your today is when it is still in a fluid state and while it is called “tomorrow”. By the time tomorrow becomes today, it is solid, fixed and difficult to change. You cannot walk with God and not discuss about the future because the future is His own present. When you walk with God, you become a person of faith. He discusses the future with you with certainly (Isaiah 46: 9-11). Vision will change your attitude which then determines your altitude. Through visioning, you can escape your current reality and get into what God shows you.



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