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The Presence of God (3)

Pastor Boye Oloyede

Text: Psalm 114:3-8 (NLT)

The presence of God removes challenges. You cannot claim to love God without craving His presence. Every God-lover becomes dependent on God’s presence for living.

The more trouble David entered, the more he craved for God’s presence. However tough the challenges may be, there is only one place to run; the presence of God. Oftentimes, we are always focused on the challenges, God should be our focus.

Somebody needs to change the way they talk to God; you need to go back to your problem and tell them about your God. Amid your challenge, you should never forget who is with you.

When you encounter the power of God’s presence;

1. It provokes worship.

2. It transforms lives

When you walk with God, every form of condemnation disappears. As you practice the presence of God today, you will receive a deeper revelation of God.

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