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The Pursuit of Wisdom

By Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Mark 6: 2

Wisdom is often said to be the correct application of knowledge; it is one thing for you to have the knowledge and another thing to know how to interpret or apply it. Wisdom is knowing what to do to get the best possible outcome from a situation. It is knowing the best possible outcome to get from a situation; it is to know what is most important, what to prioritize, what will most advance your life and then to know how to get the results that you desire. Wisdom is basically about interpretation; the ability to see beyond the obvious and facts; to understand the root cause of circumstances and know exactly what to do to produce the desired outcome; Ecclesiastes 8: 1. When you don’t know what to do, you appear frustrated but when you know what to do, it will show through the peace on your face. Knowing the interpretation of a thing is what makes the difference between one man and another.

Sometimes we know what we want but we don’t know how to get it. What creates frustration is the fact that when we do what we want out of passion, we are then surprised that the result is the opposite of what we want. Wisdom brings success; success is achieving the exact outcome that you want.

Ecclesiastes 10:10 captures the preacher admonishing that if the axe head is dull, and you don’t sharpen the edge, you will have to apply more strength. Trying to achieve results without wisdom is like cutting a tree with a blunt axe; it leads to the waste of resources; you invest time, energy, money or material things yet we don’t get the result that we desire, it is proof that wisdom is lacking. Wisdom sharpens our cutting edge in life making us more effective. We are in the wisdom season and God wants to produce amazing results in our lives and wisdom is a critical factor in this equation. The days of failure are over and where we invested a lot of effort and got little or no results; those days are over.

This is a call for us to value and prioritize wisdom; Proverbs 4:7-9. Prioritize the ability to know the most important thing to do, the most important result to get in a scenario and how to get that result. The beginning of foolishness is the despising of wisdom. One of the signs of a wise person is that they prioritize knowledge and wisdom; Proverbs 1: 5. People who get results value knowledge; both theoretical and practical. Sadly, some of the information people get, they never act on them. Researchers have tried to figure out the difference between those who hear and don’t do and those who hear and do. The major difference first is in the kind of information that they get; some information is purely theoretical while the information you get in the process of doing is the kind of knowledge that elicits action from the people that receive the knowledge. Many get advice from people who have not attained success in the area they are advising on and that’s where the problem is but if it’s from someone who has, that’s where the difference is and the real sharpening of the cutting edge happens.

This is a call for us to prioritize wisdom and place value on wisdom if we are going to get amazing results. Proverbs 23:23 instructs that we buy the truth and sell it not. Invest in the acquisition of wisdom, pay for wisdom if you really value it. Exchange value for it.

The ability to get results makes you a person of value; that’s why wisdom is important; Genesis 41:39-40. Where critical decisions are made, it is the people that can get results that are engaged and they’ll go to any length necessary to get such people. May you be that person that they’ll have to fish out because God is imparting us with the capacity to solve problems and to get the desired results.

Wisdom is a major requirement of those that desire to rise into leadership. Wisdom is one of the major requirements for leadership; Proverbs 8:15-16. The stories of Joseph, Daniel, David and others in the Bible show us that when you have wisdom, you are permitted to overtake others. In the place where result is really desired, longevity is not an asset. Wisdom is a distinguishing feature of the end time Church prophesied way ahead; Ephesians 3:10. This season we become solution providers and the world’s problem become our opportunity. Our number one access to this wisdom is salvation. If you want to develop the capacity for wisdom, then be born of God because kind begets kind.

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