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The Quest (4)

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Decisions! Decisions!! Decisions!!!

I don’t know if you like loudspeakers or not, but excuse us while we put a loudspeaker right into your ears as we scream ‘Get on YouTube and follow the sermon series for June on ‘The Resurrected life’ here 

Our Pastors have been dishing some solid wisdom back to back on service days, and tomorrow, Sunday, at all our Lagos centres, or online, I hope you join us as we continue this series. Definitely something to anticipate.

Speaking of anticipate, let’s now turn the spotlight to Frank, but first, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who’s replying our emails and letting us know how you are enjoying this story as it unfolds.

We truly do love hearing back from you so feel free to hit ‘reply’ and let us know how you’re connecting with Frank and his story.

Ok, The Quest, Part 4: Decisions! Decisions!! Decisions!!!

Palm oil and salt!

That memory would NEVER leave him as long as he lived. Even though it was over 20years ago, he still felt it in all his senses… the bland taste, his teary eyes, his mother’s pleas, his siblings’ protests, and his rumbling stomach.

That day, there was no food at home, and of course, there was no money. In the evening, his mom did what she had never done before. She put palm oil and salt in a plate and they all had to ‘eat’ the same for dinner.

It hurt then. It still hurt now thinking about it. Which was why he did everything he knew to do to escape poverty.

So far, he had done so well for himself. With the promotion he got at work almost two months ago, and how well these projects he was in charge of had been going, he was doing more than well. His diplomacy, wisdom and calm demeanour had been a winning treble in ensuring that even though it was a Government parastatal they were working with, things were going nice and smooth.

Mr. M, his Boss was proud of the brilliant work he and his team mates were doing with almost zero supervision, and the company was ‘rolling in dough’, with everyone anticipating a generous end of project bonus.

This must have been what Pastor Sam had meant when he said 2023 is our year of Much Fruits at Daystar! At this rate, he was actually getting the entire farm!

Speaking of Church, yes, he had missed service on-site for almost six weeks now, especially as he needed to rest well on Sundays after the hectic work week, and Saturdays were for his fiancee. Ann, and the marriage counselling classes they had started. Afterwards, of course they had to invest time into keeping their relationship going.

Online church had been the respite for him, but truth be told, he was more distracted than focused when he was watching service online but hey, wetin man go do? As soon as this project was over, he would resume church and his unit activities again. For now, God would understand!

But he could not shake off what Jay Jay said to him during their last two conversations. Once Frank told Jay-jay that fateful Monday of his recent promotion and current portfolio, Jay-jay had asked that he include his company, Shoreline Ltd. as one of the sub-contractors supplying granite. On merit, they had passed the pre-qualification screening exercise and so had come on board. Until two weeks ago, everything was going so well, then Jay-jay came up with this brilliant deal where they could ‘conveniently’ add just one zero to a project cost, and keep the profit for themselves.

‘Dey play, Frank. Do you think you can EVER make it working for somebody? This is how EVERYBODY has been making it ooo. No dull yourself!’


This looked like his one time ticket to paradise. Mr. M trusted him completely and so kept him in charge of everything. Nobody would know and if he did what Jay-jay said, he would be MADE FOR LIFE. In fact, even his unborn children would be made, and never have to deal with ‘palm oil and salt’.

He had to escape his past and this looked like that ticket…


Wow! How did that random thought just come back to him from the last Midweek service he attended in church? That was Pastor Seun Ogundelu preaching if he remembered correctly!

Decisions! Decisions!! Decisions!!!

Frank got up and started preparing to go home. He just hoped his neighbor parked her stupid car well this time, as the last time, while trying to manoeuvre the small space she left him, he scratched the body of this his new Rav 4. If only he lived in his own house without neighbors like Mrs Oke.

To be continued!

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Shalom Shalom!