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The Resurrection

By Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: 1 Corinthians 15.

Christ rose from death with unassailable evidence; His resurrection is undeniable.

What His death and resurrection connote for us. Romans 6:3-6

1.We owe satan nothing anymore, we have received forgiveness of sin because of the price He paid.

✔We are free from sin and the guilt that comes with it. Romans 8:1-2

✔Once satan can use the instrument called guilt against you he will paralyse your prayer life.

2. We have eternal hope. The death and resurrection of Jesus have impacted our lives, giving us authority to live like Christ.

✔The Spirit of God did not only forgive us our sins but removed the nature of sin from our hearts and replaced it with God’s nature. That is the greatest miracle.

✔God’s nature redefines your status; you have a new identity and power over any circumstance 1 John 5:4

✔Jesus came to remind us of who we truly are in Him.

✔He conquered death, that is why we can be fearless. John 11: 25-26, Hebrew 2:14

✔What we celebrate is our victory over satan, death, sin and the consequences Galatians 2:20

Prayer- whatever cannot stop the resurrected Christ will not stop you anymore.

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