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The Secret of Impact (2)

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Mark 10:42-45
I have come to observe that in practically every country, you have the elite class; the small number of people and then we have the majority at the bottom. It’s true for developing nations as it’s true for developed nations. It is my inference that majority are at the bottom because they do not think for themselves. Most people do not want to assume the responsibility of thinking for themselves. Therefore, those who do the thinking on behalf of others also have the opportunity to manipulate people. Some people say the majority is always right. Right? Well, the majority is always at the bottom of the ladder. 
In Romans 12: 2 we see that if you run against the majority you’re likely to be in alignment with God’s will. When Jesus was around, He’d say to people, “you’ve heard that it has been said… But I say to you…” He was going against popular thinking. From the Message Bible, Romans 12:2, we see that the culture around you is always seeking to drag you down to its own level of immaturity. We’ve got to be different. When we respond to God’s prompting and what the Holy Spirit tells us to do which may be contrary to popular opinions, God brings out the best in us. In the passage we read earlier, Jesus wanted to bring out the best out of His disciples and He said to them that in this world, the rulers of the gentiles lord it over them but among you it will be different. He taught them that whoever wants to be a leader must be a servant. This is Jesus running against popular thinking and mindset. In that passage, the striking lesson is not to be served but to serve others.  
If you will ever realize your potentials as a human being, have the highest level of fulfilment, you will have to turn the focus away from you and turn it to others. Selfishness will drag you down. Being ‘others-focused’ will take you up. Leadership is meeting needs and solving problems for others. Being ‘others-focused’ is one major key to answered prayers and being self-centred is one major reason people’s prayers are not answered as seen in James 4:3. 
A Self-focused nature hinders the effectiveness of the person’s prayer life. This is because as you rise through the level, you begin to be responsible for more life than one and you have access to more resources than you need and opportunities for more than one person. If you remain Self-focused, you’d take what is supposed to be for others and expend it on yourself. That is the root of corruption. 
Vision is the major characteristics of a leader. It’s the ability to see people, places and things not just the way they are, but the way they could be. Self-centeredness will blind you spiritually. Self-centeredness and leadership is a disaster. In 1st Kings 3:11-13,  God testified about the prayer of Solomon. How much of your prayers are for other people? Let’s turn the focus out on other people. Service is the secret of impact. It’s the secret of a successful life. Solomon’s wisdom was phenomenal. He had creative ideas and solutions for every problem. 
Service and Volunteering should be added to the primary and secondary curriculum. It’s a dangerous thing for one to go into adulthood focused on themselves. In Daystar Christian Center, there are opportunities for service. One of these platforms is the small group system. There are roles to be played. The ministry platform through our small groups presents an opportunity to serve and meet the needs of others. What you do to touch human life is what will give you the greatest achievement in your life. 

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