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The Secret of Impact

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Exodus 4:1-3
I believe that I have resolved one of what I call the great mysteries of life. It is that the solution to our problems is so close, we’re usually blinded to it. An example is sited in Exodus 4:1-3. The rod that Moses had been carrying around, that was laying by his side when he was sleeping suddenly became a snake and he ran away.

God had told Moses to go and lead the children of Israel from slavery to Pharaoh. Moses questioned God that what if the Israelites themselves do not believe him or accept his leadership. The solution will always be around you. In verse 17, God said “and you shall take this rod in your hands with which you shall do the signs.”
Sometimes our circumstances might look like God has to come down from heaven and something has to happen. Well, what is already inside you needs to be activated. The solution is close by.

When you operate in your gift, you look extraordinary because that’s what it is. It’s Grace. It’s God’s ability working through you. You look extraordinary to people but you’re just taking basic steps obeying God and His principles. All of us are extraordinary. It is this self-centeredness that is creating problems. God has invested so much in you but they are for meeting needs in other people’s lives. 

This is my submission: the answer has been looking for the answer. Have you had to look for something before that you searched for a long time only to discover it in your pocket or your purse? Those are sometimes the most difficult things to find. We keep looking for the breakthrough outside. We think it’s an external factor but it’s inside. Whatever it is, God designed it around our abilities and it’s a gift. We need to find them but more than finding them, we need to use them. 

In the book Acres of Diamonds by Russell Cornwell, a story is told of a man who sold his farm to travel to a far country to scout for diamonds so he could become rich. He didn’t find any diamonds and after he had exhausted his livings, he committed suicide by jumping into a stream.

Meanwhile the person who bought the farm saw a stone that sparkled by the stream one day and picked it up, put it in a container and placed in his living room. Someone who came to visit and saw it glitter went close to it and asked where he had gotten it from and that it looked like diamond. Upon testing it, it was discovered that it was indeed diamond. The whole farm was sitting on diamonds! This is the story of our lives. The things we have been looking for is actually inside us. I’d like to remind you one more time that you’re incredibly gifted. The woman in 2nd Kings 4:2 said she had nothing “except” a small jar of oil. But once she gathered empty jars and tipped the jar of oil, there was a miracle flow.

The challenge today is to throw down that rod, tip that small jar of oil, fill the emptyness in people’s lives. People need you. 1st Pet. 4:10 tells us that God has given each of us a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts. One of the major challenges that we have is the issue of conformity. We try to be like other people. We celebrate the gifts in other people’s lives yet we don’t recognize ours. Even when we try to be successful, we try to be successful exactly the way other people have and we miss it.

One of the major problems that Christians have now when we describe the gifts of the Spirit is that they are things that are activated only in the Church service. But where else are these gifts needed except out there; in the political system, the economic system, the social system and out there on the streets. They need these gifts. We speak in the Church and speak also in business circles. It is the Word of God that creates impact. 

The Church provides the greatest opportunity to test and find your gifts. Put your gifts at God’s disposal. 
God wants to do phenomenal things through us. Don’t have a small dream. Elisha said to the widow to borrow a large vessel and not a few. If you’ve been local, it’s time to go national. If you’ve been national it’s time to go global. And God will do amazing things through us.

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