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The Ultimate Helper

The Ultimate Helper

By Pastor Kenny Folarin [Psalm 121: 1-8]


We all need help and we live in a world inhabited by people who need help. So, where does your help come from? When you are in need of help, who is the first person that comes to your mind? Where is the first port of call in a time of need? In times of need, David the Psalmist declared that his help came from the Lord. David lived at a time when the people around him went up to the hills where idols were worshiped to seek for help but he went against the culture and focused on God. This was the time when different enemies pursued him and the circumstances around him were unfavourable. He acknowledged that true and lasting help could only come from the Lord, the Creator of the heavens and earth. He had experienced God’s deliverance and help at different times in his life. He had killed Goliath the giant when he had only a sling and four pebbles. He had used his bare hands to tear a lion into pieces. So, he was very sure that God was his ever present Helper in the time of trouble (Psalm 46:1; 124:8). Our help is not in any physical possession. Social status and connections, material possessions or money will never solve the problems and challenges that confront us.

Since a lot of people are desperate for solutions to the economic hardship in their lives, they search for help from various sources (Isaiah 30: 1-5). It is sad to say that even among people who attend church, we have those who are seeking for alternative sources of help; apart from God. They willingly take potions, “holy” water, charms and so on in order to get this help. People justify their actions and believe that so long as no life is sacrificed, they can engage in such acts. However, each one has to come to the point where our absolute trust is in God and His ability to deliver. The truth is that when we seek for help from man and other sources apart from God, it brings only shame and disgrace. There is nothing that any mortal being brings into your life that is sustainable; such help always comes with conditions attached to it and it leads to further helplessness. God’s blessings do not add sorrow (Proverbs 10:22). God is the only One with true help and as your Maker, He alone knows you well. Entrust everything that concerns you – your job, family, finances, health and protection – to Him. Don’t add anything to God! The shed blood of Jesus is enough for you. Do not be bewitched (Galatians 3:1). Perhaps you have collected charms, soaps or potions, burn them and if you are in the occult, get out (Acts 19:18). If you have been cheating and stealing from your organisation and others or you are a scam artist (419), stop it! Such scheming is proof that you do not trust God enough to advance you in life.

We are living in a season where we need to be sensitive to God and courageously obey His instructions. You cannot walk with God and live in lack (Psalm 23:1). Your obedience is the key to your abundance (Psalm 34:1-10). One instruction from God gives you total deliverance (Psalm 37:25).




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