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The Word Works Wonders

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: Isaiah 55:10-11

The most powerful resource is God’s word, the creative power of God resides in His word.When you are reborn with the nature of God, you develop appetite for the word of God.

If you have the nature of God, you will hunger for His word Jeremiah 15:16.You need to find where your destiny is written in the word of God. Proverbs 25:2. You’ve got to have a relationship with revelation.God’s word bears God’s characteristics; His word is as eternal as He is.

When revelation is introduced into your life, anything contrary to the word of God will give way to His word. Jeremiah 23:29. The word of God will change you before it changes your circumstances. Once satan can shift your focus from the word of God, he has you in a place of weakness.2 Peter 1:16-19 John 1:14.

Your life will be a demonstration of the presence of God. God’s word will be fulfilled in your life. Once you shift your value system and give priority to the word of God, the grace of God will flow in your life.

The Spirit of God will get across to you, stir you up, put you on God’s frequency and make things work in your life. You will not struggle this year. Romans 4:16-21. God has never lied before, He’s not going to lie on your case. He has a word for you but can you hold on to His word on your case for weeks, months or years till you see the manifestation?

When it is by God’s word, it may seem slow but it is sure.

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