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Times and Seasons 3

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Galatians 6:9

We’ve had some momentous and significant development in Nigeria over the last two weeks and things came to a head a few days ago. I want to commend young people in Nigeria for finding their voice and collectively doing together all the things the older generation has not been able to do for a while; speaking up against injustice and brutality. There were many significant firsts and we just want to say well done. For the organisation, the love that was shown, the transparency in managing resources and the peacefulness of the protest until some people came and introduced violence into the equation. This is to encourage you. You have begun a journey into nation-building and because your cause is noble by speaking out against injustice and bad governance and the things that are wrong in our society please don’t stop. 

Life works in seasons. This is part of the laws of the farm. They keep you grounded and align you with principles. Sowing season must precede the harvest season. wanting a harvest during the planting season is going to get you frustrated. God plants ideas and visions and dreams in our hearts. Romans 12:17. At the point that God put the vision or the dream in your heart, it changes you. It creates a new you altogether. You get a new identity. 
Hebrews 11:1. When God gives you a vision or a dream Faith makes it real. This gives you hope. And it is so real that you also want to see it physically and that’s where the challenge is. Vision always births faith. Faith propels us to act then we are surprised when things don’t work immediately. 
There is a time lapse between the time that God puts a vision or a dream in your heart and when it becomes a physical reality. There’s a time lapse between the time your plant and the time you harvest. Habakkuk 2:3.

This is to assure someone especially that young person who has caught a vision of a developed nation. It will come to pass. It will take time. Building a family, a career, a business or a nation  is a long time job. 

One more lesson that I got from the Laws of the farm is that you cannot make anything grow. You don’t have that power. You can sow the seed, you can make sure the conditions are right, you can make sure that you are sowing at the right time in the right season. As for turning that seed into a shoot, you don’t have the power to do that. Only God does. 1st. Cor. 3:6. When you have done your part, put your trust in God. 

We have already said that there is a time lapse between when you sow and when your reap. That time lapse is for your growth. When God prepares a place for you,  He prepares you for the place. It is possible for you to be blessed and not have capacity to handle the blessing. It is possible for you to have power and not have the capacity to handle that power. It is possible for you to be blessed financially and not have the capacity to manage the financial blessings. So the time lapse between when you sow and when you reap is the time of growth for you. Don’t waste it.  Focus on the growth because you can’t make the vision come to pass. But you can grow. 

People ask me “how do I fulfill my vision?” My answer to this is as always “You look at the you in that vision. Now the  you in that vision is the magnet that attracts every other thing and every person that you see in that vision. Grow to the size of the you in that vision because you will attract everything else in that picture”. Exodus 23:27-30. 

To fulfil your vision, become the person in the vision. Grow! Whatever the vision or dream is, there is a potential You that is a huge blessing to our world. Here’s a bit of advice;

1. Grow in Character. To grow in character define your values, principles and standards that you will live by and make sure you make your decisions based on those values.

2. Grow in competence. Develop skills, the capacity to achieve goals and solve problems. The level of skills that is required at the palace is different from what is required at the lower level. Acquire skills and develop expertise. You need humility to do that. 

3. Develop the capacity to scale. You need to continually develop the capacity to manage more. To do this you need to acquire leadership and management skills. Whatever your career line may be, if you are very good on your job, you will definitely make progress. But once you begin to rise to supervisor level or manager level, the assignment given to you will not be the job of one person.

If you don’t have people skills and the people that you lead or coordinate are not excited to help you achieve your goals, that will reduce your capacity for success. Management is just optimum use of resources. These are books that you can learn. Read books on them and attend seminars on them. 

Whatever it is that you’re doing right now give it to your best shot and never ever give up. 

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