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Times and Seasons

Pastor Sam Adeyemi
Genesis 1: 14-18

Time is one of the most sophisticated things that God created at least on our side of eternity. Time is profound especially because God our creator lives in timelessness. He lives in an unending day. So how is this measured? 2Pet. 3:8

He created the day and night. God said that light appear in the sky to separate the Day from the night. Let there be signs to mark the seasons, days and years. The creation of time is absolutely profound because time has value. God lives outside of the orbits of our sun, moon and stars. You really cannot be effective in living without minding time and understanding the principles that have to do with time. Knowing human nature God create healthy opportunities for new beginnings for us. A new day, a new week, a new month and a new year. This is a mechanism for hope that whatever happens in the course of the day is brought to conclusion. The night falls and and then we start again the next day. Some things are not meant to last forever. Psalm 102:13. John 10:10.

Time has value and this is a major foundation that we have to lay. It is especially valuable because it is convertible. According to Dr Myles Munroe killing time is not murder it is suicide. In order to describe the value of time business people say time is money. This actually means that time is a convertible resource. When you look at it on a broader scope time, is more comfortable to more things than money. if you spend time with your spouse you convert time to a beautiful and loving relationship with your spouse, with your children or with your friends. you invested and actually converted that time. So time is convertible to many things. Time is the summation of our lives. We’ve go to attach value to time and that changes everything. Psalms 92:12.

When we value time we live our lives by designs and not by default in other words we are more intentional with the use of time. We are more deliberate. Everyday is equal it is the value of the attached to it that makes the difference. if we will be intentional with the use of time then we need to look at time from God’s perspective. God gives time for the fulfillment of His purposes. Psalms 139:16 We must aspire to align. Find out what God planned for each day and then find alignment. Purposes give value to time. Goals and plans give value to time. John 7:1-10. Do we pause to consider whether once we want to do is actually the right time for us to do it? 

We can live our lives with the consciousness that God designed each day before we were born. Seek to find what His plans and purposes and fulfill them. Use time each day to do what he wants us to do. Or we can freestyle. 

To use time God’s way,  pray to know about purpose. Be prayerful. This should be a daily prayer as seen in the way God taught His disciples to pray. To maximize time and to fulfil God’s plans and purposes, we’ve got to know the will of God. There is no detail of our lives that is not significant enough for us to check with God. we’ve got to learn to pray to know the purposes and plans of God. We don’t own the time God does. 
It is not enough to know God’s plans. We’ve got to walk in total obedience. This implies that sometimes it will be convenient and other times it will not be convenient. Sometimes you will have to heart people to obey God. 

Next,  don’t always go with popular culture. Romans 12:2. 
Finally let God determine your speed. All the comparisons with other people can run you into a ditch. Psalms 139:16. Each person’s life has been designed.

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