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Views from Eternity 3

Pastor Sam Adeyemi Luke 16:13-15

We have established that perspective is everything because it is the grid through which we see and it, therefore, determines our interpretations, our thinking, our values and ultimately our behaviour on this planet. God does not see things the way Man does and seeing things from God’s perspective makes one profoundly wise. Isaiah 55: 8-9

We tend to think of eternity in terms of its duration or longevity but we need to think also in terms of its quality. Eternity is not just about time, it’s about dimension. It is another dimension of life. Interestingly, in this dimension there is no time. It is timelessness. This is compared to the difference between Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven. Heaven is a location while the Kingdom of Heaven is a system of government.

In the dimension of time that we have on earth, death is an end, a terminal end. It’s the cessation of life. However when you look from the dimension of eternity, it is not an end, it’s just a transition. It’s tantamount to a person sleeping and waking up. The only difference here is that the person sleeps on the earth dimension and wakes up in the eternity dimension. This is because the soul and spirit of man never dies. It is the body that dies so from the realm of eternity, we humans are not seen only in terms of our physical bodies but the state of our spirit can also be seen. 1st Cor. 15:17-18 and 1st Thess. 4:14, the word used the word “sleep” to mean die. The believer’s ability to think beyond the point of death is great deliverance from short-term thinking. One of the most powerful laws on the earth, the law of time perspective that says the longer the time you take into consideration when making decisions and taking actions, the higher you rise. The Christian that is able to think beyond the point of death will rise. 1st Cor. 15:19.

A lot of people don’t believe in Heaven and Hell. What does Jesus have to say about this? Luke 16:19-31. In this account, a poor man sat at the gate of the rich man and had sores all over and the rich man’s dogs would lick the sores. The rich man and the poor man died. This shows us that death is guaranteed for everyone except those who would be alive when Jesus returns the second time. Most people do not want to think up until that point yet being able to think up to that point has a profound effect on the way we think on this planet. There are only two possible places to go after life ceases on earth; there is Heaven and there is Hell. Your financial status does not qualify you or determine whether you go to Heaven or to Hell. It is having a relationship with God and accepting the free gift that God gives us of the forgiveness of our sins is what matters. After we cross over from this planet, our memories will remain intact. The rich man recognized Lazarus and father Abraham. This means that our souls, minds and emotions would be fully functional. The order on earth would not be the order in Heaven. Each person would receive their reward and there will be a lot of surprises. When we cross over to the other side, we take no titles or accomplishments with us. This life is the qualifying exam for the life we will live after now. There will be no opportunity to make amends. Heb. 9:27

Anyone that is smart and gets this preview of life beyond this planet, anyone that is leveraging the law of time perspective will make adjustments now. This is not preparation for living, this is for life and when you look in terms of eternity, this life is just a short aberration in eternity.

People in eternity know the spiritual state of their loved ones on this planet and they are concerned. Many people when we cross over to the other side will regret the influence they have had on the people on this planet. This is why I am interested in leadership because whether we are conscious of it or not, we are influencing someone and we have got to use that influence well. I want to cross over to the other side, look back and see millions who are on the path to where I am, Heaven! Dan 12:1-3

There is enough information on this planet to give you guidance so that eternity would be what it’s supposed to be for you. The problem is just that we value foolishness over wisdom. Prov. 22:15. 1st Cor. 13:11. We’ve got to begin to make the right decisions. God has nothing higher to give us than His Word and his Holy Spirit that is with us today.

Who is shaping your values and your behaviours right now? Where are you getting your ideas from?  Who is influencing your decisions? Have you learnt anything from the pandemic? If we do not learn humility from this pandemic we can never learn humility from anything else. 

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