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Virtual Edition Of Daystar Skill Acquisition Programme Ended With Testimonies

The first virtual edition of Daystar Skill Acquisition Programme ended last week Friday. It ran for two weeks. Of course, COVID -19 turned the edition to be virtual. We usually have the training physically in our facility at PLOT A3C Ikosi Road Oregun Ikeja Lagos. It runs three times every year; February, June and October.

In our dictionary as a church, impossibility is nothing.  Having planned for the programme in our annual calendar, we didn’t see COVID -19 restrictions as a clog on the wheel of our progress.  In fact, this virtual edition provided a divine opportunity for many who wanted to acquire or learn one skill or the other for the survival in the new normal presented by COVID-19.

The event was not only successful to the glory of God, but testimonies abound of the impact and how the church has made life sweet for those who attended the free training. Below are some of the testimonies from the attendees.


 A very big thank you to the organizers of The Daystar Skill Acquisition Program (D-SAP) as well as everyone that contributed to the success of the program particularly the facilitators. 

I joined Daystar about 2 years ago and I must confess that the value they have added to me is unquantifiable. 

Retiring and desiring a change of career path, I decided to go in line with my childhood passion of fashion design. D-SAP gave me the opportunity to begin this career path free of charge. I am so excited at what I have learnt and able to do within the short time.

 Most importantly, the Business Development Skills program was so enlightening and helpful. It was a total package that leaves you desiring more and aspiring to build on the foundation given.

Thanks so much, you are all deeply appreciated.

– Olufunke Owolana

 I wish to express my profound and sincere gratitude to the leadership of Daystar Christian Center over the rare opportunity accorded to me through the online skill acquisition programme. 

It is indeed a rare privilege for a nursing mother of three to benefit from and partake of a training of this magnitude.

To the glory of God, I have been able to become skilled at interior decorating in just two weeks.

This added skill was also made possible by a dedicated and selfless team. It has imparted my life greatly.

Once again, thank you DSAP for setting me up with this skill.

I feel like a professional already.

Warmest Regards,

Adeyinka Kolawole

Interior design 

Joining DSAP is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m glad I got this opportunity during this lockdown. I learnt a lot within the few days of the program. I would highly recommend to others. God bless the Facilitators, the PMAs, Pastor Paul, Pastor Sam and Nike Adeyemi.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity you gave me!
Oyeronke Adams 

 I am so grateful to God and DSAP for putting up this online diet for us, I have always loved to design but no tutored platform to launch me into it. Today, I can boldly get designs done and hereby I can say that I am now a Graphic designer. 

A big thank you to all our facilitators and PMA for their help, support, impact and relentless efforts on getting things done. They’ve really done a great and thorough work in our life on becoming graphic designers.

This I’m saying today that I, Grace Ajayi will surely make them proud as I am going global. 



Thank you DSAP I can make a skirt and blouse well now. And I appreciate you all.  God bless you all

– Stella Ihuoma 

 I really love my experience at DSAP
I don’t really have a lot to say but because of DSAP I want to start a web designing company and website.
Aje David 

 I want to appreciate God and the organizers of DSAP Set 30 for the opportunity to learn web design, it has really been an eye opener and an exciting session. The facilitators were excellent, patient and open to questions without complain. It has really ignited my interest to know more about web design and how I can make profit from it as well.

Long live DSAP, long live Daystar. Thank you!!!

Olaosho Esther

 I want to use this medium to appreciate DSAP for giving me the opportunity to learn about web designing. It’s been a wonderful learning so far. The teachers are excellent. They were able to answer all questions, making sure no one was left behind. The class are well organized. The assembly is so educative and spirit filled. I learnt so much from the from the business skills training. I am really happy for being part of DSAP 30 and that I accomplished my mission in learning web designing. A very big Thank you from this side.

– Daberechukwu Onyedikachukwu 

I am so grateful for the leadership of DSAP. In this lockdown, I am have been able to learn a very good skill which is Web Design, I do not know anything about it but I am grateful for DSAP for giving me the opportunity, now I have the knowledge of it and I believe I am empowered now.

Thank you Daystar

Thank you DSAP

God bless you. 

Oduloye Funmilayo Fadekemi

I want to appreciate the leadership of Daystar Christian Center,Dr Sam and Pst Nike Adeyemi, the entire Daystar Christian Centre Pastors, PMA’s and Facilitators for this opportunity to learn a new skill via internet, one of its kind as a church.

This is also to thank Almighty God for this opportunity to attend this class.

I learnt a great deal from the class, video editing with the facilitators doing a good job on each subject and to make me able to solve a problem and have a means to give to my society at large.

I wish the school all the best in admitting the next set of participants.

I attended Dsap set 30 and registered for Graphics and Design. Prior to this class, I had little or no knowledge about it but now I have better understanding. These two weeks have really helped me a lot. I can now create simple logos on Coreldraw, I can also create few adverts using Photoshop. God bless Daystar Christian Centre.

Esther Ogunsanya

 I have taken some Graphics course prior to this course but DSAP has helped me in its unique approach to opening the students to the software used.

The lecturers have also given their best in helping the students to navigate through the course. I am graduating with courage to implement all I learnt to excel in the market place.

Ogunleye Adebayo

  DSAP is of tremendous benefit to me. I registered for the interiors design course and this has in no small measure broadened my vision and added immense value to me personally and career wise. 

Thanks to our selfless facilitators and to Daystar Christian center for this golden opportunity.

–  Bukola Olajumoke Olaide

I’ve never believed that I could be up and doing at completing a task despite my tight schedule. But joining in for the DSAP online training (Web Design set 30), I’ve been able to discover my strength.

I only got to know about the programme on a friend’s Whatsapp status and immediately I told my sister about it. We both registered for it the very first night the portal was opened.

God bless the organizers of DSAP SKILL ACQUISITION PROGRAMME! I am now a better version of myself. More stories and testimonies to share in future of how my life was transformed through DSAP ONLINE SKILL ACQUISITION PROGRAMME!

Ibilola Ilawole

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