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Vision & Leadership

By Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Habakkuk 2:2-3

Vision is the ability to sense the future with intuition.
With the help of the imagination, we create the future and new realities.

Whatever pictures dominate your heart and mind , they will ultimately produce the material equivalent in your reality. All things in life are created twice: Mentally, then Materially.

Vision makes a leader; take vision away from a leader, there’s nothing left. Where there is no vision, there is no leadership. The future creates despair and despondency, a leader should foresee a better future.

Vision is foresight based on insight with the benefit of hindsight.

The future is in our lives already in seed form. Aligning with your vision today will create tomorrow.

Self-centeredness is dangerous to leadership because it destroys or limits our capacity for vision.

It is not enough for you to have vision for yourself. Become a vision midwife, help others birth their visions and fulfill their aspirations. Think for other people, help them see impact they never thought they could make

Africa right now needs visionary leaders who can think not only for themselves but for other people.

Being a visionary does not come without sacrifice
If your are going to unleash your capacity for vision, don’t be like Cain, break free from self-centeredness, lack of care, love and empathy. Take your eyes off yourself.

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