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Pastor Sam Adeyemi

The real battles are in the mind.

Vision is the capacity to see with the inner eyes.What we see with the inner eye ultimately becomes our reality.Vision is a magnet that attracts.We don’t receive answers sometimes because what we are asking is not matching what we are imagining. We can’t be asking for healing and be imagining pain.

The two need to match.When God wants to change your life, He changes your thinking and your imaginationThe place where you have the opportunity to overcome your challenges is your imagination.

How do you overcome when things are not right or respond to overwhelming situations✔


PraiseTake your eyes off the problem and fix your eyes on God because He’s got a miracle for you.

Where there is revelation but people don’t build their lives on what God is saying, people still perish.What can you see? Obstacles or miracles?There are things that frustrate our capacity for vision e.g past experiences.You are not what they have called you, you are not what you have done or what you have achieved.

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