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Walking with God in Rest

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Exodus 33:13-14

God gave us the word for the year, Rest. We said that the God-kind of Rest comes when we download and act on God’s blueprint. He finished the foundational work of creation in Genesis 1 and 2 and rested on the 2nd. He created Man last so Man’s first full day was on the day of rest. The idea is that Man should find  time to focus completely on God, deepen his relationship with God and God will, by inspiration, transmit to Man concepts, ideas, plans and strategies. Man would then look at the resources of this planet and recognise the potential in them.  God’s rest doesn’t describe inactivity. He rested from the foundational work of creation…creating and inventing principles.
We need to find out what He’s doing or what He’s done or designed in the realm of the Spirit.  Sometimes all He does is to give us one simple instruction. We don’t have to find out the sophistications or the designs or the technology…just simple instruction. We see this in John 2, the turning of water to wine. This is what it means to operate in Rest! You don’t run ahead of God, you don’t run behind Him, you don’t run without Him. It’s downloading and trusting in God’s blueprint. In Exodus 25:40, there’s a conversation between God and Moses where we see that for every situation there’s a Divine principle. There’s nothing called “impossible” with God. If we would wait enough or ask Him, there is a prescription. Luke 5. The fact that you have not seen it is not proof that it doesn’t exist. Your provision is beyond the functioning of your human senses as seen in 1st Cor. 2:9-10.
In John 5:19-20 we see how Jesus creates His miracles and that’s the posture to take this year. There is a depth of relationship with God that sustains this level of hearing from God. To be able to recognise somebody’s voice, you have got to be in a relationship with the person for a long time and it shouldn’t be on and off. Hearing God shouldn’t be hit or miss. We need to pursue intimacy with God. Exodus 33:12 we see Moses, a man who has been hearing God’s voice for sometime yet he still prays to know God more! God’s presence guarantees rest. 

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