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When Accidents Happen

By Pastor Sam Adeyemi | Galatians 6 verse 1 (AMP)



Accidents happen for various reasons. With regard to car accidents, the number one cause is distraction. The distraction could come from fellow passengers, texting while driving or losing concentration. Broken focus is also one of the major causes of failure in life. “Distraction is the enemy of distinction” says Dr. David Oyedepo. Another cause of accidents is over-speeding. Over-speeding makes it difficult to control the vehicle as one’s reaction time is slower relative to the circumstances around.  Accidents are also caused by drunkenness or driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs (DUI). When people drink or take drugs, they temporarily lose control of their senses and in many instances, they engage in illicit sexual acts. Ordinarily, a Christian should not drink alcohol and if you are not yet married, you have no business having sex. Reckless driving also accounts for many accidents. Reckless driving involves switching lanes abruptly, tailgating or driving behind others very closely and taking risks. Many people live their lives like that; risky living. Candidly, a Christian needs to have some guards. For example, as a cell leader, cell member or a pastor, do not visit members of the opposite sex alone; especially unmarried members. Running a stop sign or a red light, night driving and competing with other drivers on the road also cause accidents.

So, what do we do when sexual accidents, like STDs and unplanned pregnancies happen? When physical accidents happen, although the wounds can be covered, their effects are usually difficult to hide. Conversely, emotional wounds run deeper and people can try to hide them. A pregnancy is difficult to hide and it creates a scenario whereby the parties involved become desperate. King David had a “sexual accident” when he committed adultery with Bathsheba. He tried to cover it up and ended up committing murder. Today, we have the big debate about a woman’s right to abortion but the bottom line is not the abortion itself but that people want to have sex without suffering the consequences. For some people, once they see that they can get away with abortion, they then do it repeatedly. But, we must not kill those babies!

So, how do we in church deal with an unmarried person who gets pregnant; without causing further damage to those involved? First of all, to those involved, accept the consequences of your actions and take any given correction or discipline calmly because this helps you to structure your life better. Secondly, discipline should be enforced. The fact that we are in church does not mean that we allow everyone to run amok (1 Corinthians 5). Then, those around should not condemn them; rather, they should help to restore those that are already down (Galatians 6:2-3 NLT). We should not continue to shame the person by bringing up their error. Family members need to get involved to restore them on the right path and help them to work out a plan into the future. When people run to Christ, those of us around Christ should not drive them away. God uses those turnaround stories to demonstrate His love to the world. In King David’s case, after the first child died, the next baby, Solomon, was chosen to become king after David. Finally, allow God to work through you to bring restoration into people’s lives.

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