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Wisdom for Business (3)

Pastor KennyFolarin

Proverbs 4:7-9

Having entrepreneurial skills is critical to maximizing our potentials as leaders. Also, wisdom is the basic tool for building any successful venture and this is why we are seeking answers to questions that start-up businesses will usually ask and our focus this time is on marketing. How important is marketing to your business?



Marketing is a very broad term that includes all the processes and activities that make people aware of your business and then convinces them to patronize you. Now, making people aware of what you do is very important though as Christians this may seem counter-culture to beliefs that we assume we shouldn’t be loud or make noise about what we do. Matthew 6:1-5, for instance, admonishes that we take heed not to do our charitable deeds before men and this hinders us from making others aware of the gifts we carry on our inside. However, no matter how fantastic the gifts, products and services we have without the making others aware will yield us little or no returns. We need also to balance scripture with scripture to have a good understanding. There’s a place you can stand and your customers will see you and there’s also a place you can stand and your customers will not see you and you won’t see them as well. It is important we bring to awareness the things that we’re selling to others. People need to know that you have something to offer; something unique that they need. Sometimes we think that hiding the things we know or can do is a sign of humility. Matthew 5:14 says we’re the light of the world; a city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. You cannot afford to hide your light; you have to let it shine and this is your duty.

The problem is not creating awareness; rather it is the motive of our hearts. Is the motive wanting glory from men or is it for men to glorify God for what you are doing? Marketing is very important; people need to be aware of what you’re doing no matter what you’re doing and even if it is a church activity. It is okay to blow your own trumpet sometimes; don’t think it is pride or arrogance. We are all in the marketing business and it is good for us to adopt the marketing strategy.

Secondly, one may ask what basic marketing activity should I engage in? First, you’ll need to profile your ideal customer focusing on their needs and the kind of products and services they’ll require from you. Not profiling your customer will hinder you from being aware of who your ideal customer is. Jesus Himself established who His ideal customers were; the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Paul and Peter also defined who their idea customers were in Galatians 2:7-9. Even in Daystar, we have the profile of who we are called to serve and we tag them the Lagos Andy and Angie.

Next is, build a strong brand and stamping your name on the minds of your customers. To brand yourself, your name, graphics and colours must be memorable. You must have a compelling unique selling proposition; people must know what you stand for. You can grant media interviews and do events sponsorship. Advertise, write blogs and articles.

Finally, you must know how to exceed your customers’ expectations. Do all that is required to impress your name in their hearts. If we are serious about what we’re doing, we need to come out in the open and show the world; John 7:3.

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