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Beware Of Idols!

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  • Post published:June 7, 2023


Frank jerked from his bed and sat up, sweat breaking out of his forehead, wide awake now. It was precisely 4am.

What could this phrase he just saw in his dream mean?

He kept pondering while trying to still the turmoil in his heart. No, he had no graven image in his room and certainly not anywhere else. He was a Christain, and for all he knew, he lived by the tenets of his faith. Only those who feared death had idols. He knew death was cancelled.

He sat long and still in that position. Then he suddenly caught himself.

Oops! It’s Monday.

How could he have forgotten about the presentation? 2hours sitting and moping this morning was no way to ‘seize the day’. He mumbled a quick prayer and dashed into the bathroom for a shower.

Frank was a favorite at work. A people’s person. Of average height with distinct features, he was raised a Believer, had a rich deep voice, cheerful countenance and was also very good at his job, which endeared him to many.

He was a ‘Spec’.

‘Hey Jane, good weekend?’ he called out to the receptionist as he dashed into his office.

Acing this presentation was going to move him a step closer to his dream which he was holding tightly to his chest, and he wasn’t about to mess things up. After all, didn’t Pastor Sam remind him on Sunday that God had not given him a spirit of fear but of love, sound mind, and courage per 2 Timothy 1:7?

Growing up was hard! His parents struggled to put him and his siblings through school. At age 10, having been sent away from school for not paying his fees, he swore NEVER to be poor.

Frank eliminated distractions from his life after that event. Graduating the overall best student in his Secondary School and the best-graduating student in the University. That same passion had brought him this far career-wise and continued to fuel his ambition to become very wealthy.

Frank looked at his wristwatch.

‘9a.m. already? Time is flying but that’s Ok cos my career is flying right with time’ he smiled as he thought.

He picked up his laptop and headed for the boardroom. The show was about to go dowwwwwn and he was ready for it.

To be continued…

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