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Blossoming Through Action

Blossoming Through Action. God has promised us that in this year 2024, we will blossom. The only thing that can stop you from blossoming this year is inaction. Pastor Sam said on Sunday “It will require a miracle for something to grow in the desert” he also emphasised that God has done His part, we just need to act in faith. We need to take our focus off the things happening around us because they distract us from God’s promises for us. 

Faith requires action which in turn births miracles. This is not the season to analyze things, this is the season to seek God’s validation about the instructions He is giving you and go ahead and do it. 

Some reasons why people don’t take action

  • Fear of failure: A lot of us don’t want to attempt anything because we are scared that we will fail. Failure is part of the success story, if you have not failed, how will you have a testimony? how will the people coming after you learn from your past? You should be proud that you fail because when you fail you learn and get better over time.
  • Fear of not being good enough: every human being is created in the image of God so what makes you think that you are not qualified to do the things you want to do? If fear prevents you from acting on God’s instruction, it will prevent you from blossoming. 

No gree for fear this year!

The only way you can enjoy the promises of God is by focusing on building a relationship with Him. David was sure of God’s presence with him at every given moment. If you are fortified with the word of God, then that should be your defense and your  boast anytime you face challenges. 

An excerpt from the sermon by Pastor Grace Ofili on Wednesday, January 31, 2023

Watch this sermon here