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Don’t Give Up On Your Marriage

Don’t Give Up On Your Marriage. A lot of people are going through challenges in their homes and are ready to give up. When you have done so much in your marriage but things aren’t working, God is telling you to relax; the time of harvest is close if you don’t give up. (Isaiah 1:19 NKJV)

This is not the time for us to lose hope; the challenges we have are only for a moment. We must not lose hope, when hope is lost, that is where the challenges start. Some people go into marriage with negative expectations and no hope. (Hebrews 11:13-15 GNT). 

What do you see in your marriage?

If you keep looking to the past, you will not be able to move forward. Let go of the past. Marriage is like a farm, if you don’t cultivate it, you will never get anything good from it. When you look at other people’s farms and compare yours and ask why it isn’t yielding, you aren’t paying enough attention to it that’s why. Hope can be restored in your marriage if you hold on to it with faith.

Social media has projected marriage in a different way to how marriage should be. You cannot change anyone in marriage but you can influence their change. 

How can you keep hope alive in your marriage?

  • Be motivated by vision: You need to define your expectation, if you don’t define where you are going especially in your marriage, you might get lost. 
  • Understand that we are all different: We all came from different places and have different world-views so we are all very different. 
  • Stop comparison: Don’t be in competition with one another, you are meant to complement each other not to compete with each other. Don’t compare your partner with your parents or even with past partners. 
  • Do the first work: So many people are holding the title of husband and wife but they arent married in the true sense of it. Go back to the beginning, put conscious effort into your marriage. 
An excerpt from the sermon by Pastor Kayode Olutayo on Wednesday, October 25, 2023

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