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It all started at ELC

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  • Post published:October 25, 2023


It all started at ELC. Are you ready for the most important event happening this time of the year? It is Daystar’s Excellence in Leadership Conference (ELC). The excellence bug stories have been pouring in from all corners, and we’ve meticulously curated a selection for you to delve into, right here. These narratives offer a sneak peek into the world of ELC.

By the way, I’ve had the sermon from Sunday on repeat; you should listen again on YouTube. Pastor Boye shared the word, as always, with so much veracity.

In 2015, the theme for ELC was servant leadership. A participant, who yearned for true leadership shared his experience with us. He said, ELC was a turn around for him in his leadership journey in his words, “those two days etched an indelible mark on my leadership journey.”

The speakers at ELC 2015 were not just experts; they were visionaries, and their wisdom was a beacon that illuminated his path. Through understanding the power of servant leadership he found himself on a transformation journey. Today, he is not just a leader in his organization; he’s a visionary servant leader. His teams are flourishing, and he’s touching lives far beyond the boardroom and it all started at ELC 2015.

Now, imagine the possibilities awaiting you at ELC 2023, tagged, “Mind Shift” on November 2nd and 3rd. The chance to immerse yourself in the wisdom of remarkable leaders, to forge connections that can shape your destiny, and to unlock the leader within you.

As you gear up for ELC, we invite you to join us in church at 6pm WAT today as we continue our series, “Don’t Give Up.”

Remember, you are loved!