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Use Your Lifeline

Use Your Lifeline. Jesus came to free us from frustrating systems and governments that were keeping us under their control.

There are three principles by which these systems keep us under their control:

  • The Kingdom principle of seeds: 3:14-15 NLT

Satan is not sure which seed will crush his head, when Moses was born, they knew a messiah had been born, so Pharaoh said they should execute all baby boys. The same happened at the birth of Jesus; Satan was not sure which of them would crush him so he went for all of them.

There are two things you need to preserve your seed:

Divine direction– (Matthew 2:13) and A community of believers (Hebrews 10:24-25)

  • The Kingdom Principle of Submission: Romans 6:16

War is a show of force to compel one body to submit. Whenever you see yourself constantly fighting, remember that war and challenges exist to break you to the point where you are compelled to submit. Fight the good fight of faith. When you find yourself between any of these two systems what will hold you is your faith in God.

In Acts 4:19-20 NLT, Peter said they would rather obey the one that sent them than listen to the members of the council. So who is sending you? On whose order are you marching? In Genesis 14:14 when Abrahams nephew Lot was captured, he got allies and they took down Kedorlaomer’s army. We need to use our lifelines when we are fighting the systems of life.

  • The kingdom principle of systems: Revelations 5:12 NLT

Life happens to every one of us, you will not always be strong, so who will stand by you when the world around you is crumbling, you cant do it by yourself, use your lifeline.

Sermon excerpt from Midweek sermon by Pastor Ayo Bankole – Wednesday 26, July, 2023

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