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Bonding As A Team In Marriage

Bonding as a team in marriage. In a marriage, there should be a level of openness and vulnerability between couples. To achieve this, there should be a measure of bonding. You need to bond at all levels; Spiritually, emotionally, physically… (Genesis 2:24-25 NLT)

Star players don’t win in marriages, teams do, you either win together or lose together.

To be able to bond properly and build a team with our spouses, we need to be able to understand ourselves first. We need to be able to confront our fears and resolve past experiences that may be hindering our marriage.

How do you bond as a team in marriage?

  • You must grow together:

When one person is developing and the other isn’t, they won’t be able to reason together. In your marriage, it is essential that you grow together and not apart, even if the growth is not at the same pace.

  • Avoid comparison:

Avoid comparing other people’s marriage methodology to yours. Honour your spouse, don’t compare them to anyone else. Embrace the things about your spouse that make them different and love them the way they are. You should see your spouse as God’s gift to you, accept the gift and make the most of it.

  • Resolve past emotional issues:

You could be spiritual and still not enjoy your marriage because of some underlying past issues. Take these issues to God, open up to Him and let Him heal you. Deal with your past so you don’t jeopardise your future.

  • Set appropriate boundaries:

If you don’t set boundaries you will become emotionally bankrupt and have nothing to share with your spouse. You need to set boundaries to relationships that might threaten your marriage.

  • You need to accept your differences:

A woman is very different from a man. You need to accept and embrace your differences. So many things about your upbringing makes you totally different from your spouse, and this should be a positive point and not a negative one.

Sermon excerpt from Midweek sermon by Pastor Seun Ladokun – Wednesday 24, May, 2023

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