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Doing Good (2)

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: Acts 10:38 (NLT), Romans 11:29, Exodus 4:20

Jesus said the basics of our assessment of entering heaven will be how we treat people.

Christ had to receive divine empowerment before He went around doing good. God has promised to empower us to keep doing good in people’s lives.

You have been blessed with gifts and talents. The world’s solution is inside you; you are more powerful than you think. Those gifts need to be activated in your life. Do not think that the impact you need to solve a problem in the world is far away from you.

You have the solution to one of the world’s big problems right now but you undervalue what you carry. As long as you are keeping your gifts and talents to yourself, you will never know its capacity.

Put your life down, let the power of God come on it. Give God your Iife to use for His glory.

Remember, It is what we do to touch people’s lives that will count on the day we stand before God.

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