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Doing Good



Doing Good. With the anointing that He had from God, Jesus was not a victim of the situation, He was a victor. The anointing made Him a problem solver. (Acts 10:38 NLT)

Again he said, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.”(John  20:21 NLT)

You are anointed as well, Just as God empowered Jesus, He also has empowered us. We must refuse to be victims of the world’s systems. Situations and circumstances will challenge the word of God in our lives but we must respond with the word of God. When we face problems, we must respond to the situations with ‘God Said’.

This season, we are stepping into a dimension of blessings they only imagined till now. The secret to it is being anointed like Christ. That is what we have been commissioned and consecrated to do.

A Few Points about the anointing of Christ:

  • Jesus told His disciples that having the anointing is a priority (Luke 24:49NLT) You need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to carry out God’s instructions. Some of the instructions you will hear from God may be counterintuitive that is why we need the help of the Holy Spirit.
  • The anointing comes with the Holy Spirit
  • You get the Holy Spirit directly or through someone already filled with it (Acts 8:17NLT). You can ask God for it, Jesus is the baptizer. Ask Him to baptize you.
  • The anointing is more valuable than money. The anointing is a connection to God’s endless supply (Acts 3:1-7NLT). When you have the anointing, it will attract the material resources that you need to do whatever God has commanded you to do. When Jesus told the disciples to feed the crowd, there was a young boy who offered his five loaves and two fish, and that was enough. The disciples were instead thinking about not having enough money, they were limiting God’s capacity for provision. A lot of us have this problem, we are hung up on the monetary aspect that we forget that God can give us our wants and needs without money. Take your mind away from the money and ask your shepherd to meet the need; you will be amazed where the supply will come from.

In this season, your focus must be on the empowerment and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Your testimony is changing this season. All you have to do is ask God.

Will you receive the anointing now?

Sermon excerpt from Sunday sermon by Pastor Boye Oloyede – Sunday 6, August, 2023

Watch this sermon here.