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Doing Good

Pastor Kenny Folarin

Text: Acts 10:38

Who do you think will make heaven among your acquaintances? What are the criteria for your judgement and where did you get them from? Matthew 25:31-46 [NLT].

We need to know the parameter we use on earth is not the same as heaven. Don’t judge anyone, God is the ultimate judge and the marking template is the bible. Would you pass the test?

Whatever you do to man, you have done to God. There is a bit of God in every human being.

Your nature determines your future. Our human nature, the sin nature won’t allow us to do good. We need God’s nature to do good

Sacrificial love is a criterion for making heaven.

If you are born of God, you cannot close your eyes to the need of people around you.

When you have God’s love in you, you will intentionally spot needs in peoples lives and attempt to meet such needs through the grace of God.

You can give without love, but you can’t love without giving John 3:16 [NLT]

The greatest miracle Christ facilitated was giving us God’s nature. When you have God’s nature, it takes you beyond human limitations.

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