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Does She Deserve It?

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  • Post published:August 9, 2023


Does She Deserve It? “One good turn deserves another, One bad turn deserves another” I know You’re probably wondering what I am driving at with this cliché quote.

My friend, let’s call him Mr B, told me of a colleague (Ms O) he went into a business partnership with, so when they thought to expand the business, they both agreed to seek investors. Mr. B was the brain behind the business.

After they got someone willing to invest in the business, somehow, he was sidelined. Of course, he was devastated and that partnership ended sorely.

However, after some time, Ms. O ran into ‘wahala’ as she could not keep the business running, seeing as Mr B was the brain. Months later, it all came crumbling down with debts and possible court cases. It was messy and Ms. O desperately had to reach out to Mr. B to help.

Does she deserve the help after what she did?

“One good turn deserves another, One bad turn deserves another”

I’ll stop the story there and turn that spotlight to you.

As Believers, especially in the world today, how should we behave when someone does us dirty?

Let’s go to Joseph for some wisdom (Genesis 42-45). Sold into slavery by his brothers, and left to suffer for a long time, he still took care of them when the famine struck not minding what harm was done to him. But did they deserve his kindness? Definitely not.

Without any dispute, the mentality in this age will be paying everyone that has treated one unfairly in their own coin but we should understand that we do not resort to being vengeful

See what 1 Thess 5:15(NLT) says

“…See that no one pays back evil for evil, but always try to do good each other and to all people”.

Quite frankly, this can be quite a tricky subject to navigate which is why every Wednesday and Sunday, let’s come together in fellowship and see how to navigate it as we lean into the sermons.

On this note, we are excited that in just a few hours, 6pm WAT precisely, Midweek service will go LIVE , and if you prefer a physical meeting and are in Lagos, our Oregun centre is where you should be.

Can’t make it there, that’s also fine as we are online here too.