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Influence The World with Us

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  • Post published:December 3, 2022

Come, influence the world with us. It’s been a functional November, right? Especially with the Influencer series.

On Sunday, Pastor Boye shared some profound insights on the topic of influence. If you missed the service, watch it here

He said something that stuck with me;

“Each of us is designed to change our environment. You are not meant to read the temperature; you are meant to set it. You are not a thermometer; you are a thermostat”

Now, that’s profound!

This shows that we should influence our world. Get on social media and tell the world about Jesus and how He influenced you. At work, be a role model, and influence people through the excellence of what you do.

On November 20, 2022, we shared a testimony about how Daystar Leadership Academy (DLA) got someone their first job. On November 9, we shared with you how messages weren’t available on demand in the past, but now, they are. On November 26, we asked, “Who are you?” “How are you influencing your world?” So, go ahead; let your light shine brightly.

One more thing (a reminder, actually): Daystar’s Christmas Concert, tagged “The Comforter,” is happening live on December 11, 2022, across all of our services, both online and onsite.

Join us live; don’t miss it for anything in the world.

Remember, you are loved!