Daystar Christian Centre - Much-fruit Season - 2023

Much Fruit Season

The Spirit of God says we are in our “much-fruit” season, at Daystar Christian Centre. This season we have to do practical things by faith. 

The last few years have been phenomenal for us, as a Church. The Spirit of God describes it as a death and resurrection period. The old Daystar disappears, and the new one appears, we call it a reinvention.

When God speaks, what He says becomes a reality. Like when God told Sarah to call Abraham the father of many nations, at a time when he was unable to have a child. It sounds crazy, but doing it in obedience to God is faith.

Faith was expressed when Jesus Christ said to Peter to launch out into the deep. Peter said, “Master, we tried all night, there was no fish, but I will do it.” That’s faith,

Our Senior Pastors have been obeying God in the past years. We are thankful to all our Pastors and Leaders of the church, because they have shown incredible character over the years.

Not many organizations will go through what we go through seamlessly. We celebrate and appreciate all the members, staff, and leaders of Daystar Christian Centre. God bless you all, in Jesus’ name.

For us, a lot of things have happened and changed. From God’s perspective, what we have experienced in the last two to three years is a pure organisational miracle.

We’ve had our senior pastors not physically present. Still, our most senior officer also moved beautifully into another assignment, we’ve also had staff move on, and our systems have continued to run.

Ordinarily, organisations would die going through these experiences, but God chose to communicate with us in a way that we did not choose. Learning these lessons was not easy, but the lesson is powerful.

It’s an incredible opportunity from God, and He says, “Now is our much-fruit season.” Looking at the bible, where Christ talked about much fruit, there was also some restructuring. (John 15: 1- 8)

When our senior Pastor trains organisational leaders, he points out that most organisational change experiences don’t work. They fail because the leaders want to bring changes to the organisation that must be provided for in its design.

20 years ago, we did a complete redesign of the Daystar Church, and within a year, our church exploded ten times. 10 years later, in 2010, we did a slight redesign which allowed us to become the only church broadcasted digitally, not knowing that in 2020 (10 years after), Covid would strike.

We are going through yet another system change. There is power in the system. A system is a group of the part that carries out the same function. We are now redesigning and resetting our foundation to take us into the robust future that will take us into the next 10 – 20 years because the changes will be massive.

The redesign that we did over 20 years ago was shifting the weight of our church on the small group system because then we realised that our system was based on the old testament, where the senior leaders are the real deal.

The new testament says, “I will pour out my spirit on all flesh.” So it means that every member of Daystar Christian Centre is a minister of Christ.

Our role as a church is to groom people, and we understand that the main job is not done in the church building. The main job is happening out there in the spheres of influence. Our members are the real deal which is one of the reasons why we are heavy on training at Daystar Christian Centre.

We are creating regions for our small groups. Until now, we have cells, sections. areas, zones, districts. Now we are grouping the districts into regions, and some of our Zonal Coordinators will move up to be district leaders. There will be movement at all levels.

We are all encouraged to be a part of the Daystar system. It is more than religion in our church. We are developing the highest quality of people after the likeness of Jesus Christ. Join us through our membership school.

Sign up to our newsletters here to be updated through our bulletin. God changes peoples live in Daystar, in the short-term, but the greater impact is in the long-term – the person you’re becoming in over 10 years, 20 years. We have massive testimonies of people becoming positive leaders.

We invite you to come in at a deeper level, if you are in Daystar and attend services regularly. There’s a higher level than receiving from God. Join a unit, serve somewhere, especially in the small group system.

Finally, please continue to pray for our senior Pastors for more grace and wisdom for the apostolic and global assignments they have. Daystar needs a new dimension of leaders all together, and it can only happen by God’s grace.

Your testimonies and stories are what we need to take to the world right now!

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